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Entering an abundant marriage with 40 days Subagh Kriya – Yogigems

We se lected Subagh Kriya– the success kriya– for our very first kriya as a couple. I’m so pleased we did. These 40 days have actually been so abundant with love, abundance, richness, kindness– all the advantages that Nish and I connect with previous experiences of 40 days Subagh Kriya.

After all this time, I should not be so astonished or amazed by the genuine magic of this practice– by the method it unfolds and appears in life– however I continue to be!

Following on from our previous 6 weeks of brief nabhi kriya, our 40 days Subagh Kriya fit so completely around our big day … the wedding event was at precisely day 20. The energy that Subagh Kriya has actually given our wedding event and honeymoon has actually been hugely generous. We are both being in wonder and thankfulness in the consequences. It was really wonderful.

However maybe the most valuable thing 40 days Subagh Kriya has actually brought as our day-to-day sadhana is a lovely steadiness in the heart of all the whirlwind of wedding event plans. Ours was a small wedding event, with all of 8 visitors. However, there was a reasonable little bit of arranging and lots of amazing giddy energy surrounding us in the run-up. It seemed like a real balm pulling back into our Subagh Kriya every early morning. This was our anchor, our rock, the calm in the storm.

Which’s the essential actually. Establishing siddhis (superpowers) or manifesting enormous success are actually just the pleased by-product of our day-to-day yoga practice. The genuine gold remains in the gorgeous stability that our sadhana supplies. When the world is going nuts around us, we can touch base with our sadhana, our rock, every day. And in the stable rhythm of this day-to-day practice, where we get in touch with our inner self, our reality, we can discover fantastic stability, grounding and convenience in our self.

I believe we might with a bit more of that in the existing quixotic tides of life!

Image by the skilled Alejandra Sinclair of Bohemia Photos.

Sat nam x

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