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Community Cookbook: Le Paris Dakar’s Bissap – Greenpointers

Le Paris Dakar (141 India Street) is a French-Senegalese crêperie and café that just recently opened in Greenpoint, providing a wide range of crepes, along with other breakfast and lunch products and special drinks.

One emphasize of Le Paris Dakar’s menu is Bissap, which is referred to as the “nationwide beverage of Senegal.” It’s made with dried hibiscus flowers and fresh mint and can be served hot or cold. Plus, to make this dish even easier, Le Paris Dakar imports the hibiscus flowers from Senegal and offers them right in the shop.

” Bissap is incredibly healthy and has a great deal of advantages,” stated Le Paris Dakar’s owner, Mouna. She kept in mind that Bissap can likewise be utilized to make healthy smoothies, and offered a shake dish after the initial Bissap drink dish.

See the dish for Bissap listed below and discover recently’s Neighborhood Cookbook dish here.

Le Paris Dakar’s Bissap


1 bag of dried hibiscus flowers (about 7 cups, cost Le Paris Dakar)

1 lot of fresh mint (about 1/2 of a pound)

2 cups of sugar (optional)


1. Boil 7 cups of dried hibiscus flowers for 20 minutes.

2. Include 1/2 pound of fresh mint 5 minutes prior to shutting off the water.

3. Include 2 cups of sugar if wanted.

4. Stir well.

5. Let cool off.

6. Stress and just maintain the liquid.

7. Serve hot or as a rejuvenating beverage with iced.

To make it as a Healthy smoothie:


12 ounces of the Bissap

4 strawberries

2 little pieces of fresh ginger

1/3 cup of blueberries

2 ounces of honey

8 ounces of ice


  1. Mix all active ingredients in a mixer for 40 seconds.
  2. Pour into a 24 ounce cup and serve.

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