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What is dominance and submission to me?

OK– normal health caution. This is an individual viewpoint and I’m not disrespecting what works for others. This is what these things imply to me.

Our dominant and submissive relationship is based upon being the very best we can be for each other. We have actually formerly specified it as being equivalent and opposite. It is– however it is likewise complementary and it is constantly our objective to reduce compromise.images

Our dynamic is established on strength and duty, service and obedience– and there are dominant and submissive elements to each of these.


This appears to be an offered for the dominant (however I understand there are times when I am not strong). It’s in some cases presumed that loyal, non-resistant (the reverse of bratty?) submission is doormat-like and not deserving of regard– since submission is based upon resistance that needs to be conquered by the dominants strength.

That’s not my view.

It’s easy/lazy for both partners in a service/obedience based D/s vibrant simply to pay lip service to what is needed. However thrilling your partner constantly takes effort and subsumes self. Which’s a task for both.

She never ever stops thrilling me. I hope I do the very same for her. However it’s specifically tough for the submissive to be real to her part of the vibrant when it does not match. Frequently basic submission takes strength.


For me (and my partner) this goes a lot larger than simply us (and simply BDSM). We both reckon that if more individuals took their duties seriously there would be less require for rights.

For me as a dominant it implies I require to utilize what she has actually granted for my fulfillment, however as securely as I can and not abusively. It implies I make it possible for her to offer me what I desire by eliminating issues and concerns that stop her doing so.

This consists of domestic trivia. I’ll prepare if she requires time to do her nails.


Service for us is partially ceremonial. There are little however crucial things we do (I plait her at bedtime, she makes her obeisance when she leaves the space) which keep us in our locations. However they aren’t the essence of who we are– simply a method we advise ourselves and each other of who we are.

Service is uneven. Mainly she offers and I get. However it is easily provided and something she wants to offer. It’s not a task to her– it makes me radiance which makes her feel effective.

She is likewise the power behind my throne. When I deteriorate she holds me up. That too is service.


BDSM couple, top, bottom in handcuffs, on Euro...
BDSM couple, top, bottom in handcuffs, on Europride Perfume (Image credit: Wikipedia)

Obedience is something I make. It is the benefit I get for making her feel safe, preferred. looked after and appreciated. If it requires to be imposed then we both have actually stopped working.

Obedience will not constantly be simple. Like service, it becomes part of who she wishes to be, even when it does not match her: It is just genuine when it isn’t optional. Which implies I need to impose it– even when I remain in the state of mind to be laissez faire– or not in the state of mind for much: She isn’t who she wishes to be unless she feels regulated and appreciated for her obedience.

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