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UTMB, the Ultra Path du Mont Blanc, has a particular pomp and air to it. For those less knowledgeable about the brand name, it is among the biggest path running races around the world and the organisation just recently partnered to Iron Guy with combined public response. Believe larger brand name, larger expenses, brand-new sponsors and procedures consisting of a brand-new series of ‘by UTMB’ top quality occasions throughout the world that form the qualifiers for a “World Series”. The last of the world series being the UTMB occasions in August. Generally it’s altered. For excellent or for even worse, that the Brand name will choose. In either case, some 10,000 punters appear for among the lots of races of the UTMB:

  • UTMB– 171 km (106 Miles)
  • TDS– 147km
  • CCC– 100km
  • OCC– 55km
  • MCC– 40km (for residents)
  • PTL– a Tremendous 300km group occasion
  • YCC– numerous ranges for youth ages
  • Les Mini UTMB– for the children
  • And now the and so on– 15km

I have actually been extremely lucky to have actually formerly finished both the CCC and the TDS. Now, after finishing Val d Aran by UTMB through which I acquired a one-off ensured entry to UTMB, I discover myself hauling the start line at the centerpiece, the 100m ‘Series Final’ that is UTMB.

Years in the making, finisher of the CCC, TDS and now UTMB

Running 100miles in the mountains takes a very long time for simple mortals like me. Over this time you think about a lot of things and likewise choose to clearly not believe of a lot of things too. I have actually wrapped up and remembered long races prior to and I discover it’s frequently as stressful as the race itself. So I chose I’m not going to put myself through that discomfort and wrap-up mile by mile of my UTMB experience. Rather, what follows is a dump of ideas and recollections with a much shorter summary of the occasion. The 45 hours of running will mainly remain in between me, Paul and Matt.

The Occasion

I discussed that someplace in the area of 10,000 punters appear for the UTMB races. Approved this is staggered over a week with the PTL starting the procedures and closing it in addition to UTMB on the last Sunday in August, however, include friends and family in addition to the normal variety of travelers and the towns the races travel through are rupturing at the appears. Chamonix in specific is extremely, extremely hectic throughout race week (and leading up to it). If you do not like crowds and the pomp then you most likely will not like this occasion!

On the plus side, huge crowds contribute to the environment and vibes. Viewing finishers of other races and supporting runners from all over the world is amazing. Viewing the real greats of the sport ‘contending’ with individuals like me is remarkable and amazing. Although I envision it is less amazing for the pros as they get mobbed in the streets and need to take part in all way of industrial looks prior to and after the races. The towns truly are a little psychological throughout this time. On our race, striking Les Houches in the early night on Friday, and Saint-Gervais a couple of hours later on was an insane experience. Saint-Gervais in specific was pumping with loud music and individuals lining the streets cheering and supporting runners for hours on end.

Completing early afternoon on Sunday was rather a surreal experience too. The last of the finishers would be simply an hour behind us and the crowds had actually collected prepared to cheer them house. So we took advantage of a terrific goal environment with countless individuals in the streets cheering and clapping runners throughout the line (you run an excellent km through the town, past all the bars and dining establishments, to get to the goal). Having actually experienced an early Saturday am surface on the CCC and a midweek, midday, surface on the TDS, this UTMB surface truly was on another level. As an individual in the ‘centerpiece’ you truly are put on a pedestal and cheered like absolutely nothing else I have actually experienced.

The course

The UTMB takes in 3 nations as you loop around Mont Blanc from France, into Italy, crossing into Switzerland prior to reaching back into France and approaching Chamonix from the other instructions. The path is 106miles, covers 10,400 m of vertical gain (and likewise descent!) and crosses through a variety of significant towns consisting of Chamonix, Courmayeur and Champex Lac. With 15 significant help stations and much more checkpoints/timing points along the method. It’s a military operation. Which’s simply among the races!

The Alpine tracks are sensational. For much of UTMB the tracks are extremely, extremely runnable. There are, undoubtedly, some rocky areas and a few of the climbs up are difficult. However on the entire the tracks aren’t technical on the UTMB (unlike it’s sibling the TDS, which takes in some more technical paths from Courmayeur back to Chamonix) nor the climbs/descents too long. In my experience, the surface alone makes it a really easy path and one which should not be feared. Integrating with the range and elevation though produce a far harder monster and it is reasonable to state I undervalued simply how hard this course is.

There are lots of climbs up and tops and at a couple of points, consisting of the Col de la Seigne (where you cross from France to Italy) and likewise Grand Col Ferret (where you cross from Italy to Switzerland) you reach an elevation of >> 2500m. You’re high up in the Alps. The mountains do not care about us human beings, we are simply visitors riding our luck at anytime. The weather condition will turn and the mountains will serve you your ass on a plate if you’re not prepared. There is comprehensive obligatory set for the races (and in the exception of ‘cold’ weather condition or ‘hot’ weather condition there are likewise extra obligatory set lists that can be triggered the day prior to the race starts). For us, in 2022, it was fortunately simply the typical set list that was triggered. Although, for the very first time in my UTMB experience the Organisers didn’t inspect everybody’s set on registration. There were subsequent set checks throughout the race however.

The 106 miles of the path is a long method. I thought of this alot over the 40 hours. It is the fourth time I have actually run 100miles and I’m starting to accept what a difficulty it in fact is. As time ticked by we continued flirting with cut offs. We were never ever in threat of being ‘timed-out’ however I was extremely mindful that time might quickly protest us at any point. I likewise questioned how it was so similar (time sensible) to Val D’Aran which felt far harder with more technical surface and larger climbs up. Fact is, it’s due to the fact that 100 miles truly is a long method. It will take a while to cover on foot no matter where you are. Therefore it did take a while for us to cover on foot, we can’t leave that. 100miles in the Alps is likewise, unsurprisingly, not similar to 100miles in the UK (although just one of my 4 100 mile runs have actually remained in the UK!). I need to have currently understood that 100 miles is a long method. After finishing UTMB I believe I lastly accept that it is!

Our Race

We anticipated rain and bad weather condition as, in the lead as much as the occasion, the projections had actually forecasted rain and some light storms throughout, we were getting ready for a soaked 2 days. Come the day previously, these projections had actually altered and it was looking progressively most likely that we ‘d have a dry run. I can’t describe just how much this would have assisted. Fortunately that is how it remained and, aside from some light rain at the start whilst we waited to start, we prevented all bad weather condition throughout the course. If anything, it was a little hot throughout the day time and on a few of the climbs up where shade was restricted! We were extremely lucky.

Waiting to begin

Together we were more powerful. Matt stated after the race that there were points he questioned if he ‘d enjoy it more alone. I currently understand the response to that. I would not have. I take pleasure in the business and the interruption from the job. All 3 people began together and ended up together. That’s a terrific thing. Over 45 hours we never ever left each other’s sides. We might have. Mainly Matt might have left me and Paul behind (like we ‘d left him at Eiger), however he didn’t. Early in the opening night Paul went through a hard variety of hours of queasiness and illness. He coped it and came out the opposite (getting in Italy!). From Courmayeur onwards I groaned about my ankle/leg and might hardly run. This slowed us down a lot! Courmayeur is approximately the middle and the men might have left me often times however didn’t. I’m appreciative for them sticking it out with me and compromising a quicker surface time to assist me through. Once again, without them I’m uncertain whether I would have catch the darker ideas that teased me over the last 24 hr.

Hoka Light Tunnel

Leaving Chamonix was psychological and the very first 8km to Les Houches zipped, as did the very first climb over Le Delevret to Saint-Gervais with the sun setting simply as we came close to completion of the downhill. The town was one huge celebration. It was complete on and extremely loud. It was fantastic and the atomosphere was a talking point among runners. For me, the opening night was mainly satisfying. After a flying check out through Les Contamines we were going through the Hoka ‘light program’. The sponsors had actually errected a huge tunnel of light and covered the surrounding location in more lights. It was a bit odd and extremely tacky. However it was various and for as couple of minutes the night lived. We went through the darkness, over La Balme and Col du Bonhomme (where we sadly witnesses somebody being airlifted from the course) and came down into Les Chapieux at around 50km in the early hours of the early morning. It was a long climb from here which, in spite of feeling my ankles harming I rather took pleasure in as we reached the Col de la Seigne into Italy in the nick of time for dawn. The dawn was lovely. We picked up a minute and took pleasure in the subsequent reach Pyramides Calcaires which was rather rocky and more technical than the previous 60km we ‘d run. There was a long descent into the early morning to the next significant help station that was Lac Combal. Nevertheless, things were beginning to end up being far less satisfying by now.

Into Italy

After sustaining a challenging night, Paul was back to his ‘typical’ self as the day started illuminating and normally we were all running well. We had one strategy which was to get to Courmayeur without being messed up! If we might reach midway with our quads and ankles undamaged we were all positive for the 2nd half of the course (which follows practically the CCC path which we had actually all formerly finished). Up until now whatever was going to okay however the strategy began to unwind somewhat as the early morning warmed up and we started the high descent into Courmayeur. The high and dirty tracks were effort and my left ankle was now continuously in Discomfort. My type had actually headed out of the window and I was lumbering downhill whichever method I could. The dust the runners were kicking up was inevitable and all of us got here into the middle with dry and dirty throats.

Out of Courmayeur we started the CCC path albeit with a various reach Sanctuary Bertone. Instead of the longer path through Tete de la Tronche we went the more direct method, practically directly. It was difficult in the heat as we gradually climbed up through the forests. By now there was a great deal of discomfort in my left ankle/shin. I was having a hard time to run however understood I wished to keep going, it wasn’t even a concern I would amuse, I was completing this race. From Bertone we ran the ‘balcon’ to Sanctuary Bonatti and once again even more on to Arnouvaz from where we would start the climb to Grand Col Ferret (aka ‘Grand Colin Farrel’). I remembered this area which it was sensational and satisfying. It still was, although I wasn’t able to ‘run’ excessive. We were likewise beginning to tire at this moment and took a minute at Bonatti to lay in the sun and close our eyes for a couple of minutes (being woken by ants biting us!). The reach Col Ferret was simple going and this was the very first time (on my 3rd check out) where I might see the Col plainly. It showed up towards completion of the climb with the wind rapidly blowing the clouds away prior to they might settle.

Into Switzerland

Now in Switzerland, it was a long downhill to La Fouly. I understood it would harm. And it did harm. I was having a hard time terribly now. Climbing up was okay, and I understood I might cover ground at a faster than our typical speed when going uphill, however the descents were excessive for me. Paul and Matt motivated me when they might however I was beginning accept though that I just might stagnate any quicker, physically it was beyond me. It wasn’t simply the discomfort, however the variety of movement I had in my left ankle/foot was now extremely minimal and I could not press off my left foot. I was currently thinking of the 3 huge descents still to come later on in the race and I could not think we still had 60km+ to run therefore I was a bit deflated. We ‘d concurred we ‘d attempt and sleep at Champex-Lac for 20 minutes so the preliminary objective was to survive La Fouly and cover the 14km to Champex-Lac. The slog there was extremely sluggish (yep, due to the fact that of me). I remembered I liked this area on the CCC as we went through the forests and mountain tracks to Praz de Fort, which I truly liked, and likewise the reach Champex-Lac through Sentier des Champignons with all the wood carvings. Paul didn’t enjoy it a lot however we were all good fast-hikers so, in spite of my failure to run, we we still covering the ground at an appropriate speed and ultimately reached the help station with a lot of time for the prepared sleep.

We dived dived directly into the sleeping camping tents. Selfishly I discovered one and went to work. As quickly as I set I was shivering. I could not stop it. I need to most likely have actually become dry clothing initially however was so exhausted I might just think about increasing the sleeping time! As soon as awake, however extremely spaced out, Lisa, Martin and Mike went to work repairing us up and sending us back into the night. To begin with it was the beast reach Sanctuary Bovine and we summited deep into the night. Having a hard time down the descent to Trient (travelling through the shithouse celebration stop that is a barn at La Giete) we then reached Trient simply as day was breaking. Mike existed once again and over saw another 10 minute power snooze. With the early morning chill on our side we powered up the reach Les Tseppes. We then lost a great deal of ground on the ‘great’ downhill to Vallorcine. We were feeling it now, I was broken and in consistent discomfort and Paul was feeling his quads due to all the downhills. Matt appeared definitely great. We remained in an excellent location though understanding that we lastly had one ‘climb up’ and one ‘descent’ delegated dominate. We didn’t remain too long at Vallorcine and started the reach La Tete Aux Vents in the midday heat. It was naturally a bastard. A rocky climb without any shade and a rocky traverse over to the checkpoint. It wasn’t simple. However I was more concerned of the last descent from La Flegere. A massive 800m downhill to return to the goal in Chamonix. The traverse to La Flegere was discouraging and the downhill unbearable. In some way though we were moving fast sufficient to be passing more individuals than whom surpassed us. Jana, Paul, Jess and Mikkel pertained to satisfy us near Chalet De La Floria and to support us for the last couple of kms. And after that it was the ‘km’ run around the town. The crowds. The cheers. The elation. We ‘d done it. It took place. We were UTMB finishers.



I have actually waited till last, however most significantly, this race was everything about individuals. To start with Me, Paul and Matt. We were running it. It was for us, by us. All of us had our various factors and intentions for existing and the race implied various things to each people. We had actually all strove to certify and prepare ourselves to be at the start line. So it was our race. We were doing it our method. We ‘d talked about numerous possible surface times, however these were ditched practically as quickly as we began. We were all of the exact same state of mind though and we had one just mantra we shared from the “it’s taking place”. Absolutely nothing was going to stop it from taking place that’s what we stated entering into it. It turned up numerous times throughout the 2 days and in the last minutes the mantra moved tense to “It Took place”.

Then there’s the team. Unanticipated, however definitely necessary and crucial to us finishing the race. Matt’s household– Papa Mike, better half Lara and boy George in addition to Lisa and Martin were on crewing responsibilities. Not constantly set up or prepared however they were appearing all over when we required them most. They were all dotted along various locations at the start in Chamonix and at the very first checkpoint in Les Houche. Lara and Mike went to Courmayeur (80km in). Lisa and Martin appeared in Champex-Lac (120km in) with Mike and once again on the last reach La Flegere. Mike likewise made his method to Trient in the middle of the 2nd night (and needed to be sent out house to get some sleep and bought not to appear in Vallorcine too!). Obviously they were all then at the goal to see us end up.

A few of the crew group

Crewing is an insane difficult ask. The quantity of travel, tension, absence of sleep and basic thankless nature of following a stinky unpleasant runner around a race for hours on end is stressful. Never ever mind doing it throughout 3 various nations! However without them, the result of the race would have been extremely various. From tending to our requirements, making us consume, motivating us, timing our sleeps (and in my case Mike stopping me from putting coke on myself as I slept!), to providing us additional food and products, therefore far more. All these things modified the result of our race for the much better. We could not have actually done it without them all. This truly was a synergy. Whilst 3 people ran, a group people worked relentlessly to attain the objective. I can’t thank them all enough.

Then there’s everybody else who was out in Chamonix, racing or supporting, who turned up to cheer someplace along the method from the start line all the method through to the surface. And likewise all those who called us and sent out messages of assistance. These acts of kindness and generosity implied a lot to us and assisted raise our spirits more than we might reveal. Huge thanks to Jana, Jess, Paul and Mikkel who went out to see us on the last descent and to all of Paul and Lisa’s friends and family spread out throughout the world who were actively following and messaging us (we had actually all invested a weekend together 2 weeks prior at Paul and Lisa’s wedding event!).

Other ideas

  • Beginning UTMB near the back was a bit shitty. It was a sluggish start and we had traffic jams on practically all the climbs up and descents. We did what we might however, accepting the crowds and utilizing them to our benefit to keep our speed sluggish and constant.
  • The Goal time of day ambiance is essential for UTMB occasions. There’s extremely little after race love and attention at UTMB. It’s everything about those couple of minutes as you go through the town and up the goal. Time it incorrect and surface prematurely and it’s a lonesome, anti-climatic surface.
  • Going after cut offs is not enjoyable. It’s difficult. We weren’t as tight as in 2015 throughout the VDA however I was continuously mindful and calling them out, running the numbers and doing the mathematics, re-evaluating are development. It saps away at your spirit and makes you seem like you can’t do it.
  • Matt is the king of the power nap. 10 minutes at a time and he’s revitalized. Me and Paul require to deal with it.
  • The leave rate as constantly is big. 800 runners began however didn’t end up. For us it was best conditions. However there are a lot of factors that might alter that for each person.
  • The consequences– I discussed the discomfort I remained in throughout the race. One week later on and I still can not stroll. The swelling has actually gone away and the X-rays were clear (no break) however the medical diagnosis is still pending. Up until then I remain in an assistance boot and still in discomfort. This time I have actually done something major to my body. Today I ‘d state it deserved it, however I can’t rather comprehend how I handled to keep going up until completion!
  • The course record was smashed and for the very first time the winner went under 20 hours. So did the 2nd location finisher this year. To put that into viewpoint, there was a longer time in between the very first finisher and us ending up, than the time considered the winner to finish the race. I can’t comprehend how they can cover the range so rapidly!
  • For viewpoint, Matt ran the entire race in brand name brand-new set after his baggage was lost on path and didn’t show up in time. How he didn’t tension and lose the plot I do not understand. The majority of us runners are precise in our preparation and preparation, however Matt simply accepted it for what it was and opted for it. He’s such a calm and level-headed man!

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