Theodore Steffens – To Kansas and Back for a Bride
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Theodore Steffens – To Kansas and Back for a Bride

Theo dore Immanuel Conrad Steffens was born upon January 8, 1897, making today his 126th birthday. Theodore was the kid of Henry and Martha (Hesse) Steffens. He was the last of 6 kids in his household. Theodore was baptized at Salem Lutheran Church in Farrar. We can have a look at a picture of his baptism record from that church’s books. This baptism record does not consist of the name Conrad as part of his name, however a later military record utilizes it. Among his sponsors was called Conrad, and another had a name that consisted of Immanuel. I have actually been informed that kids back in those days typically had middle names that consisted of names of their sponsors.

Theodore Steffens baptism record– Salem, Farrar, MO

Theodore is discovered in his very first census in 1900 at the age of 3. The census pages where we discover him are rather hard to check out. I have actually pointed out these pages from the 1900 Salem Town census formerly on this blog site. Often I have this desire to be able to return in time, discover this census taker, and offer him a great pen to utilize. Theodore’s daddy was a farmer.

1900 census– Salem Town, MO

Next, we discover Theodore in the 1910 census as a teen. A year after this census was taken, he was verified at Salem, Farrar.

1910 census– Salem Town, MO

We discover Theodore in a various area when he had a World War I draft registration finished in 1918. This kind was finished at a draft board situated in Hoxie, Kansas, and it states that Theodore was residing in Selden, Kansas. Both Hoxie and Selden are places that have actually appeared on this blog site prior to. The stories that have actually been outlined those cities in Kansas had to do with Hemmann’s, Mueller’s, and Steffens’s. All of those households came from Farrar. This file is the one that states Conrad was Theodore’s middle name.

Theodore Steffens– WWI draft registration

The map listed below programs the area of Hoxie and Selden in the northwest corner of that state.

Selden and Hoxie, Kansas map

Theodore did serve in the military throughout World War I, however the military record revealed listed below shows that he did not get sent out overseas.

Theodore Steffens military record– WWI

We discover this intriguing entry from the Bloomfield Town, Kansas pages of that year’s census. Bloomfield Town is where Selden lies. This entry has actually appeared on this blog site previously since I have actually currently composed posts about the 2 Hemmann’s that are residing in the exact same home with Theodore Steffens. Louis and Paul Hemmann, in addition to Theodore were farming together.

1920 census– Bloomfield, KS

I will include at this moment that there was another Hemmann called Martin who is discovered residing in Selden when his World War I draft registration was finished. Martin would go back to Farrar prior to the 1920 census was taken. As it ends up, Theodore Steffens would follow in the steps of Martin Hemmann and go back to Farrar. In his case, he returned and discovered a bride-to-be. I have a theory about how this took place. Remember that this is just a theory.

Theodore’s older sibling, Louis Steffens, passed away in September of 1924. Maybe Theodore went back to Farrar for his sibling’s funeral service. Louis Steffens’s spouse was Mary Versemann. I figure that Theodore was currently acquainted with the Versemann household, however perhaps after participating in Louis’s funeral service, a romantic relationship was triggered in between Theodore and Hilda Versemann, Mary’s more youthful sis. Let’s have a look at Hilda’s early years.

Hilda Alwine Versemann was born upon January 5, 1904. That suggests her birthday was simply 3 days far from Theodore’s. Hilda was the 7th of 12 kids born into the household of Henry and Emma (Koenig) Versemann according to our German Ancestral Tree. Likewise, Henry had actually been wed previously, so he had extra kids from that marital relationship. Hilda was baptized at Salem Lutheran Church in Farrar. We can have a look at her baptism record listed below. Among her sponsors was called Alwine.

Hilda Versemann baptism record– Salem, Farrar, MO

Hilda is discovered in the 1910 census at the age of 6. Her daddy was a farmer in the Salem Town.

1910 census– Salem Town, MO

Next, we discover Hilda in the 1920 census as a teen.

1920 census– Salem Town, MO

Theodore Steffens wed Hilda Versemann on December 14, 1924. That was simply 3 months after the death of Theodore’s sibling, who was likewise Hilda’s brother-in-law. This marital relationship happened throughout the Development season, which was not typical. The church record is discovered in the books of Salem, Farrar, nevertheless, the wedding event was carried out by Rev. Hafner, who had actually simply started serving at Concordia Lutheran Church in Frohna. At that time, Rev. Krueger had actually simply left Salem, Farrar, so this church briefly did not have a pastor. We can see the church marital relationship record for this occasion here. It is discovered in between the last marital relationship taped by Rev. Krueger and the very first one taped by their next pastor. This Steffens/Versemann record appears like it was placed in this location at a later time.

Steffens/Versemann marital relationship record– Salem, Farrar, MO

We can likewise have a look at the marital relationship license for this couple.

Steffens/Versemann marital relationship license

The German Ancestral tree notes 5 kids born to Theodore and Hilda. 2 of them were born prior to the 1930 census. Theodore’s moms and dads were consisted of in this entry, however Theodore was noted as the head of the home.

1930 census– Salem Town, MO

The Henry Steffens farm discovered in this 1915 plat map is most likely the arrive at which Theodore farmed. You can see its distance to Farrar.

Henry Steffens land map– 1915

Let me mention that in 1930, Martin Hemmann, among the males who was when residing in Selden, Kansas and pointed out previously, wed the widow, Mary Steffens, who had actually when been wed to Louis Steffens, Theodore’s older sibling.

The 1940 census lists all 5 Steffens kids. Theodore’s mom had actually passed away in 1935, however his daddy, Henry, was still dealing with them.

1940 census– Salem Town, MO

Theodore had a The second world war draft card finished in 1942. This files states Theodore was born upon January fifth, not January 8th. That was really his spouse’s birthday, although she was not born in 1897.

Theodore Steffens– WWII draft card

The last census we can see for the Steffens couple was the one taken in 1950. 4 kids stayed in their home, and all of them were stated to be associated with farming, including their child, Elaine.

1950 census– Salem Town, MO

Theodore Steffens passed away in 1981 at the age of 84; Hilda Steffens passed away in 1988 at the age of 84. Both of them passed away much too just recently to see their death certificates. Theodore and Hilda are each buried in the Salem Lutheran Cemetery in Farrar. Theodore’s gravestone acknowledges his military service.

I am amazed by the truth that numerous boys from Farrar discovered themselves in northwest Kansas at about the time when the United States got associated with World War I. The majority of those boys handled to discover their method back to Farrar. If you have an interest in checking out previous posts blogged about these Farrar males who when lived in Kansas, position the names, Selden or Hoxie, in the search box on this site. It needs to lead you to those posts.

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