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The Western Boomerang

Initially, I wished to publish numerous sketches dehumanizing Russians made in the mainstream category of propaganda passing for funny. Then I have actually chosen not to promote such material here since it wasn’t even amusing. Propaganda is an inseparable part of pop culture. Therefore, it can inform much — not about its subject however the culture and society that brought to life this kind of propatainment (propaganda + home entertainment). My conclusion does not make me delighted. To be sincere, I’m a bit botanichesky unfortunate: I believe it’s a structural thing. It’s not a Western bug, it’s a function. And it’s even worse than the Soviet one. A minimum of, the latter wasn’t dehumanizing individuals of the West, just ‘capitalists’. However hey, it’s not bigotry if it’s directed towards Russians, right?

Individuals who leave in sophisticated homes should not toss spears. Furthermore, when it’s not a spear however a boomerang.

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