Ted and Bertha – The Meyr’s (or Meyer’s)
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Ted and Bertha – The Meyr’s (or Meyer’s)

Toda y’s set was very first pointed out at the end of a post entitled, Meyr or Meyer?. That post specified that Ernst Meyr and his spouse, Magdalena, should have chosen to alter the spelling of their surname from the Austrian spelling, Meyr, to the more typical spelling of Meyer. So, today, when we concentrate on among their children, we as soon as again see an individual who is born as a Meyr, however has a gravestone that states, Meyer.

Josef Theodore Meyr was born upon January 31, 1883, so today would be his 140th birthday. He passed the name Theodore. As pointed out above, his dad was Ernst Meyr. His mom, Magdalena, had the first name of Doering. According to our German Ancestral Tree, Theodore was kid # 4 of 7 kids born to his moms and dads. Theodore was baptized at Immanuel Lutheran Church in New Wells. We had a lot more ice and sleet in Altenburg given that the other day, so I will not be making the journey to the museum to get pictures of church records today. Rather, I will reveal you the phrasing that is discovered in the German Ancestral Tree for the records that use to this story. Here is the details about Theodore’s baptism record.

[NewWellsMO]: Josef Theodor Meyr, Born 31 Jan 1883 & & Baptized 18 Feb 1883 to Ernst & & Magdalene nee Doering Meyr, Sponsors: Josef Meyr, Ernst Doering & & Emilie Meyr

Due to the fact that we can not see the 1890 census, we do not see Theodore in a census entry till he is currently a teen. Below is the Meyr household in the 1900 census. Theodore was dealing with his dad’s farm in the Shawnee Municipality.

1900 census– Shawnee Municipality, MO

Theodore would get wed in 1910, however not prior to the census was taken that year. I do not understand if it was simply a census taker who erroneously composed the surname as Meyer, or whether these Meyr’s had actually chosen to alter the spelling of their name. Theodore was still dealing with his dad’s farm.

1910 census– Shawnee Municipality, MO

Now, we will have a look at the lady who would end up being Theodore’s bride-to-be. Her name was Bertha Rosalie Steiner, who was born upon February 20, 1886. Bertha was the child of Matthias and Auguste (Mirly) Steiner. Like her future spouse, Bertha was baptized at Immanuel Lutheran Church in New Wells. Here is what our GFT states about that baptism record.

[NewWellsMO]: Bertha Rosalie Steiner, Born 20 Feb 1886 & & Baptized 28 Feb 1886 to Matthias & & Auguste nee Mirly Steiner, Sponsors: Matthias Mirly, Amos Meyr, Theresie Lichtnegger & & Rosalie Steiner

Let me digress for a minute. When I was an instructor in Memphis, our professors consisted of a female called Bertha Steiner. She was wed to Mark Steiner, who was a Lutheran pastor because city and later on a pastor in the armed force. Mark has his roots in Pocahontas, so he was linked to the Steiner household in this post. Bert and I had some terrific discussions about Perry County Lutheran history throughout our time together on that personnel, and I still keep a Facebook connection with her.

Bertha is likewise discovered in the 1900 census as a teen. She was the earliest kid in her household, and her dad was a farmer in the Shawnee Municipality.

1900 census– Shawnee Municipality, MO

Like Theodore, Bertha is discovered in the 1910 census as a bachelor in the exact same year as her wedding event. She was 24 years of ages at the time.

1910 census– Shawnee Municipality, MO

Theodore Meyr wed Bertha Steiner on May 8, 1910 at Zion Lutheran Church in Pocahontas. The GFT consists of the following details about that wedding event. This transcription utilizes the spelling, Meyer.

[PocahontasMO-Zion]: Theodore Meyer age 27 from New Wells MO, married Bertha Steiner age 24, on 8 May 1910, Witnesses: Otto Steiner, Ella Meyer, Otto Meyer & & Ida Steiner

Theodore had a World War I draft registration finished in 1918. This kind utilizes the Meyr spelling and offers a Shawneetown address.

Theodore Meyr– WWI draft registration

I will continue to utilize the Meyr spelling. This Meyr couple had one kid, Edgar. Theodore and Bertha were coping with Theodore’s moms and dads when the 1920 census was taken. Their only kid is discovered in this entry. Another grand son of Ernst and Magdalena, Arnold Wachter, was likewise consisted of in this home.

1920 census– Shawnee Municipality, MO

The last census in which we discover Theodore was the one taken in 1930. Theodore was a farmer in the Shawnee Municipality.

1930 census– Shawnee Municipality, MO

Theodore Meyr passed away in 1939 at the age of 56. His death certificate is a location where we see his name spelled as Meyer.

Theodore Meyr death certificate

Bertha is discovered in the 1940 census as a widow living with her kid, Edgar, and his spouse, Meta (Kahnert).

1940 census– Shawnee Municipality, MO

The last census in which we discover Bertha was the one taken in 1950. She was still residing in her kid’s home. Now, Bertha, had 3 grandchildren coping with her.

1950 census– Shawnee Municipality, MO

I understood the date of Bertha’s death, however I had problem discovering her death certificate. I ultimately discovered it utilizing a strategy I often utilize on the Missouri Secretary of State site that is the house of such death certificates. I confess that I was not delighted where I discovered it. Bertha passed away in Farmington, Missouri in 1957 at the state healthcare facility. Her death certificate states she was 70 years of ages when she passed away and had actually been at that healthcare facility for 5 years.

Bertha Meyr death certificate

Theodore and Bertha Meyr are each buried in the Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery in New Wells. Each of their gravestones was inscribed with the surname, Meyer.

I have actually pertained to the conclusion that the Meyr household has a lot of births and marital relationships that happened at the end of January. My look for unique occasions in our German Ancestral tree have actually arrived on numerous Meyr unique celebrations in the previous numerous days.

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