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Teacher Meyr

Havi ng Actually been a Lutheran instructor throughout my profession, I am specifically partial to composing stories that include people who likewise went into that occupation. The churches in East Perry County have actually supplied a lot of fodder for composing such stories since this location has actually sent out numerous individuals into full-time church work. You will read yet another post that informs the story of a male who ended up being an instructor at a Lutheran school. Many of such posts take you on a journey all throughout the nation as the instructor served at a number of schools along the method. That is not the case today. Instructor Meyr went to a Lutheran school after finishing and stayed there for the majority of his profession, and even after that, he transferred to another Lutheran school nearby from his very first call. That makes this story rather uncommon.

We start with an unique birthday. Albert Edward Meyr was born upon January 28, 1898, making today his 125th birthday. Albert was the boy of Gottlieb Samuel and Sarah (Haecker) Meyr. A number of the Meyr stories informed on this blog site have to do with households that lived near New Wells, however in this case, Albert’s moms and dads had actually moved throughout the Apple Creek and were residing in Altenburg when Albert was born. Albert was the sixth of 7 kids born into this Meyr household. He was baptized at Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg. We can have a look at a picture of his baptism record from that church’s books.

Albert Meyr baptism record– Trinity, Altenburg, MO

Another thing I can not withstand is a photo of a town band. The one revealed listed below consists of Albert’s daddy, Gottlieb, who is holding a brass instrument.

Gottlieb Meyr– Altenburg Band

Albert is discovered in his very first census in 1900 at the age of 2. His daddy was a carpenter in the Brazeau Municipality. This entry overflows 2 census pages, so I need to show it in 2 images. The Meyr’s had actually 2 children followed by 4 boys. One lady would be born after this census was taken. I may likewise include that given that Albert’s sibling, Rudolph, was Vernon Meyr’s daddy, Vernon would have called today’s primary character, Uncle Albert.

1900 census– Brazeau Municipality, MO

In 1910, Albert, at the age of 12, would been having his verification training when the census entry revealed listed below was identified.

1910 census– Brazeau Municipality, MO

Albert was verified in 1911. Thanks to a set of Meyr household binders (4 of them) that we have in our research study library, I can show Albert’s verification certificate.

Albert Meyr verification certificate

Albert Meyr had a World War I draft registration finished in 1918. Albert was a trainee at Concordia Educators College in River Forest, Illinois at the time.

Albert Meyr– WWI draft registration

In 1919, Albert finished from Concordia. He is seen in a gallery of the professors and a few of his schoolmates in the image listed below. His name is misspelled as Meyer (right listed below the 1919).

Concordia, River Forest– Class of 1919

After graduation, Albert did not need to take a trip really far to get to his very first call. He ended up being an instructor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Crete, Illinois, which lies simply south of Chicago. It exists that he invested the majority of his profession. A history of that school consists of the following details about Albert.

Albert Meyr– Trinity, Crete history

In the 1920 census, we discover Albert as still single and living as a boarder in the Fred Bernhard home. He is called an instructor in a parochial school.

1920 census– Crete, IL

We will now turn our attention to the lady who would end up being Albert’s bride-to-be. Her name was Maria Louise Piepenbrink, who was born upon August 16, 1892, which indicates she had to do with 5 years older than Albert. Marie was the child of Wilhelm and Maria (Meyer) Piepenbrink. So, as you can see, another Meyer was currently part of her household prior to she wed a Meyr. Probably, Marie was baptized at Trinity Lutheran Church in Crete, however I do not have access to their church records. She is discovered in her very first census in 1900 at the age of 7. Her daddy was a farmer in Crete.

1900 census– Crete, IL

Next, we discover Marie in the 1910 census as a teen.

1910 census– Crete, IL

The last census in which we discover Marie as a single lady is the one taken in 1920. At the age of 27, she was still dealing with her moms and dads and working as a stenographer for a property business.

1920 census– Crete, IL

Albert Meyr wed Marie Piepenbrink on June 30, 1926. I have no paperwork for this, however the wedding event most likely happened at Trinity Lutheran Church in Crete. I do not understand if this is a wedding event image or not, however it reveals Albert and Marie at rather young ages. I do not see a wedding event ring on Albert’s finger.

Albert and Marie Meyr

In his earlier years at Trinity, a picture was taken of the professors and board of education members. Both Albert and Marie’s sibling, John Piepenbrink remain in this image. This image is discovered in a Piepenbrink household binder that we have in our research study library. It consists of some post-it notes utilized to determine Albert and John. As you can see, this publication was composed in German.

Professors and school board– Trinity, Crete, IL

Albert and Marie had 2 kids, a woman (Elsie) and a young boy (Victor). Elsie was born prior to the 1930 census was taken.

1930 census– Crete, IL

Both of their kids can be discovered in the 1940 census. Albert is called a main instructor in a parochial school.

1940 census– Crete, IL

In 1942, Albert had a The second world war draft card finished. His address, Park and Department Streets, was surrounding to Trinity Lutheran Church, so they likely were residing in a teacherage. A couple of census entries show the Meyr’s were living beside the pastor and his household.

Albert Meyr– WWII draft card

The last census we can see is the one taken in 1950. It states Albert was a 3,4, and 5 grade instructor. His child was a secretary at a public school, and his boy, Victor, was a minister.

1950 census– Crete, IL

Another image that consists of Albert Meyr is this one taken of him with among his classes. The Piepenbrink guy who made the Piepenbrink binder that we have in our library, suggests that he remains in this image. I understand that I never ever had this numerous trainees in any of my classes throughout my profession.

Albert Meyr class

Here is a picture of Instructor Meyr at a later point in his profession.

Throughout the last 5 years of his mentor profession, Albert was an instructor at Hope Lutheran School in Park Forest, Illinois, which is not far from Crete. A wonderful photo revealing the Albert Meyr household is likewise discovered in the Meyr household binder. This image put a smile on my face. Victor and his sibling, Elsie, are on the left in the back row.

Albert and Marie Meyr with kids, sibling Arnold, and his partner, Alida

Marie Meyr passed away in 1972 at the age of 79; Albert Meyr passed away in 1973 at the age of 75. I have the ability to show Albert’s obituary that was printed in a Perry County paper.

Albert Meyr obituary

Albert and Marie are buried together in the Trinity Lutheran Cemetery in Crete.

Albert and Marie Meyr gravestone– Trinity, Crete, IL

I had the opportunity of conference Rev. Victor Meyr when I was a Lutheran instructor in Minnesota. I think he was the pastor of the church in Red Wing, Minnesota. At that time, I had no concept that he had some household roots in Altenburg.

I saw Gerard Fiehler at the regional breakfast restaurant today. He keeps in mind Albert. Something he informed me was that Albert was an excellent artist, and he as soon as heard Albert play the Hallelujah Chorus from memory on the organ in Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg. Likewise, Gerard, given that he as soon as operated at the Altenburg Garage, understands that Albert drove Studebakers. I can likewise include that Pat Borgmann, a member of our museum’s Board of advisers, is linked to this Meyr household from Altenburg. She contributed the band image for Mary Dillon’s Altenburg book.

I like a great Lutheran instructor story.

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