SPaMCAST 736 – Does Engagement Matter? A Panel Discussion
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SPaMCAST 736 – Does Engagement Matter? A Panel Discussion

Today we share our year-end panel conversation with the SPaMcast factors and sometimes our canines (as soon as one starts everybody requires to participate the action). The subject this year is engagement. Is being on 2 calls at the same time, engagement? Does simply existing tick the engagement box? Patterns and antipatterns are plentiful, however Is engagement actually that essential?

The panelists for this installation are:

Jeremy Berriault

Jeremy Willets

Susan Parente

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Utilizing circulation metrics to prepare in Kanban and Scrum environments. Circulation metrics are considered amazing metrics for worth streams and worth chains. They are similarly helpful at the group level– and in many cases a lot more effective.

We will likewise have a check out from Tony Timbol who brings his “To Narrate” column to the podcast.

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