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Should you visit Eger as a day trip from Budapest?

I do not believe I ‘d become aware of Eger till I began searching for alternatives for an excursion from Budapest. In reality, Budapest itself was practically a mishap; after 7 months of being ‘grounded’ in Germany and an aborted effort to return to the UK in February, I had a severe case of scratchy feet.

Thankfully, Ryanair flights to Budapest satisfied the perfect city break requirements: inexpensive (ish), leaving 5pm Friday and returning 9pm Sunday. Offered!

An excursion from Budapest

I have actually been to Budapest prior to. And sure, I enjoyed to return once again, however I wasn’t always chewing at the bit. Which is why I looked for an excursion; I wished to go someplace brand-new and I wished to see more of Hungary The concept of possibly seeing some more of the nation’s landscape from the convenience of a train was a benefit.

Unassociated however cool image from Budapest’s City

Ultimately, I arrived on Eger; the outermost range you might easily take a trip to and from in a day (2 hours on a direct train in each instructions).

I’m not constantly a terrific solo visitor in huge cities— I believe it’s simple to feel much lonelier in a city than when you’re on your own in the countryside. (In Prague for instance, all I wished to do was invested the afternoon beinged in a club with buddies.) However a day questioning around a lovely town with a handful of sights? That’s my cup of tea!


Dobo Istvan Square, the main square of Eger

Things to do in Eger in a day ( or: What I performed in Eger in a day)

Prior to showing up, I half-heartedly searched for a couple of things to do in Eger– I’ll confess that I wasn’t the most organised (or excited— geddit …?) beforehand, having actually simply overcome COVID. In reality, it wasn’t till I left the train that I understood I didn’t have a real strategy beyond simply having a roam round. Which, reasonably, is no bad thing.

So here’s what I wound up doing:

  • I walked through the good Szmrecsányi Lajos Kert or Archbishop’s Garden The park was good and it gets additional points for having a devoted running track that runs around the edge.
  • I had a gawk at Dobo Istvan square, the city’s primary square, where I had a great take a seat. Charming church on screen here.
  • I strolled to the Basilica, saw it was closed and covered in scaffolding. Had another take a seat.
  • ( The weather condition has beautiful, by the method: blue skies and a great temperature level. Charming weather condition for having a take a seat.)
  • I strolled all the method around the Basilica, simply to make certain there was no other entryway. No, certainly closed.
  • I headed to The City Under the City Was dealt with to a personal trip in English by an extremely excited ( did it once again …) teen who at the end went to fantastic discomforts to inform me how stunning the closed Basilica is within. (” However it’s closed today?” ” Yes, you will not see it.”)
  • Returned into town to discover a dining establishment. Went by means of DM. (I enjoy Central Europe– there’s constantly a DM.)
  • Had a charming goulash in a great dining establishment where the waiter called me Sir far frequently. (This dining establishment.)
  • Approached the castle Waited in line to pay to get in castle. Take a look at view from the castle. Realise castle is likewise covered in a great deal of scaffolding. Stroll pull back once again.
  • Strolled to the Valley of the Lovely Lady for a glass of the regional Bull’s Blood red wine Enjoyed it over a great take a seat.
  • Got a taxi back to the station and headed back to Budapest.

Ideas on Eger

I understand I’m certainly refraining from doing Eger justice (I lost out strolling to the Turret, for one). The town is actually quite and it does have a relatively intriguing history, primarily based upon making and consuming countless gallons of red wine annually, beating the Ottomans however then likewise losing to and being dominated by the Ottomans later, and after that the misconception emerging that Eger handled to beat the Ottomans that time was because of the red wine, now called Bull’s Blood red wine.

However would I advise going to?


Drinking on Bull’s Blood red wine in the Valley of the Lovely Lady

Would I advise Eger as an excursion from Budapest?

So would I advise an excursion to Eger from Budapest? All I all, I had a great day The Valley of the Lovely Lady was a specific emphasize due to the fact that it was without a doubt the liveliest part of the town; the location brimmed with life– and likewise cynically– financial investment capacity, as great deals of bars were shut down that would most likely succeed … However I believe the experience would have been even better in the heat of summer season and with a couple of buddies to take pleasure in a beverage with.

The town centre was enjoyable sufficient and as a terrific lower of train trips, I actually did take pleasure in the 1 hour and 48 minutes of cruising through the flat Hungarian landscape (which sounds ironical, however isn’t).


My last view of Eger: the train station

However eventually, I need to think there are much better, more detailed field trip that would have been a bit more intriguing than Eger.

So would I advise going to Eger as an excursion? Perhaps, however not as a very first option. In hindsight, I believe Esztergom or Szentendre would most likely have actually been much better (and closer) alternatives

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