Reverberations d’une crise / Sounding the housing crisis
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Reverberations d’une crise / Sounding the housing crisis

While the social and financial effects of the real estate crisis are well recorded, its lots of mental, affective, relational, and existential effects frequently stay in the blind area of present research study. The job Réverberations d’une crise: a sound questions on real estate in Montreal postulates that taking notice of sound can make disregarded measurements of this problem noticeable. A sound questions suggests utilizing the medium of noise to much better comprehend and act upon this social and political problem. Through sessions of listening, tape-recording, conversation and workouts, a cumulative of renters produced a procedure of questions and structure that will be shared in 3 various types:




Reverberations d’une crise/ Sounding the real estate crisis

The podcast Réverbérations d’une crise: Sounding the Real Estate Crisis combines a series of structures, on the border of audio documentary and radio art, articulating the more speculative elements with analysis and discursive contributions (interviews, discussion of the procedure underlying the job, and so on). This is where the more reflexive and analytical measurement of the job is unfolded. Some episodes will be relayed on CKUT 90.3 FM.

I co-produced the podcast with Hubert Gendron-Blais, arranging and modifying the contributions from each member of the cumulative into a 8 episode series. The job was partly motivated by the “militant noise questions” of Ultra-Red. In 2021, Ultra-Red co-founder Do not Rhine went to Montreal for a workshop at McGill, followed by a workshop/performance as part of Echoes of a Range, Music, Demonstration and Neighborhood in Confined Times, arranged by Hubert and The International Institute for Crucial Research Studies in Improvisation (IICSI).

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