Four young ladies in Székely dress, await their turn to perform
Hen Party


As t he majority of you understand, I like to take a trip and think it is a fantastic teacher. Wherever one goes, individuals are an important active ingredient and can actually assist to make a great journey a fantastic experience. At the current Folk Celebration in the Romanian city of Csíkszereda, I was fortunate sufficient to come across such individuals.

As it typically does, it began with wishing to take a picture. On this event, it was a group of girls worn conventional Sékely gown whose smiles got my attention. So I ambled over, equipped with simply my cellphone and gestured to take a picture. They took a look at each other, smiled and nodded that I might go on. I thanked them in indication language and clicked the mobile.

The Start

It was a pity I just had my cellphone with me and not the larger cam– I actually do not like how the picture mode aims to focus on the based on what it believes is best, however the depth of field is not possible to manage in basic picture mode. In any case, a compromise was going to need to be taken. I utilized the basic picture mode, so a minimum of I might manage the structure, if not the depth of field. As an outcome the above image has method too huge a depth of field, making the guy at a loss Tee shirts much more meddlesome than he must have been.

I advanced and went behind the phase, taking a picture of the exact same group as they avoided for their turn on the phase.

A traditional folk dance group take to the stage in Csékszereda, Romania
Getting In the Phase

I invested a bit of time simply getting a couple of shots as the entertainers loafed waiting to go into the phase or, certainly, tucked into their lunch to renew charred calories.

Then a familiar face came by and spoke with complete confidence in Hungarian and while I got the essence of what she desired, the finer information were missing out on. Off she rushed and quickly returned with an English-speaking good friend to serve as translator. The greatest concern was how to offer the images; browsing on Facebook stopped working to offer a connection and the performers was being summoned for another phase efficiency.

I guaranteed them I wasn’t ready to run and seized the day to go round to the front of the phase so they might have a couple of pictures of themselves in action.

Once the dance was over, it wasn’t long prior to contact information were exchanged and a guarantee was made to send out on a few of the images. A last number of images and smiles all round.

Three young ladies request images and are captured themselves
Leading Ladies
the three young ladies and the author gather for a photograph, the phone lying on the floor
3 Ladies and a Trespasser

Obviously that is not completion of the story, the images still need to be sent out. A couple of to start with and I was thanked a lot by return e-mail and there was an ask for more images to be sent out if possible. A big choice was sent out and shared among the group, with frustrating thankfulness being offered.

It’s not almost the taking of photos, it remains in the interaction too. I would hope that this group would be more than requiring to enable others to catch their culture and smiling faces like I was permitted to.

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