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Readers’ Choice (A Man with a Gun): Will it be me?

Will it be me?

by Marta Santillo

She’s being in the theatre, towards the middle, she is using a black beret.

THE OLD LADY WITH THE RED LIPSTICK ( to herself, seeing the dancers practicing on phase)
I discover these red seats so soothing; I touch the velour with my fingers, I close my eyes, I envision I am on the phase as soon as again. I can smell the sweat, hear the shoes tapping on the wood flooring, hear the other dancers breathing behind those phony smiles. However today I am back here to lastly end everything. To decipher the secret I developed long back. To provide the voice they are worthy of. Today I am simply wrinkles and red lipstick, I am the shadow of those ballet shoes. Will it be me, tonight?

THE LOST PRINCESS ( taking a look at the old lady with the lipstick)
I understand she is most likely choosing which string to pull to make me dance in the method she desires, to make me enjoy and weep, to make me fall. I am caught in this marionette’s porcelain skin, under the leotard there is no pounding heart. I am waiting on her to choose. 7 long years of tears, 7 long years of bitter tears searching for my prince. Will it be me who passes away tonight?

PERCIVAL ( to the lost princess)
We have actually been caught here, dancing for her, night after night. We have actually been requesting more and she is simply quiet, her unfortunate smile of a brand-new shade of cherry every day. She is composing our story, providing us the clothing to use. I have actually been offered a mission, discovering my lost love in the labyrinth of the castle, discovering my lost love in the dark woods. However I have actually been deceived and poisoned. Cursed to dream the world they are all living. Will it be me who passes away tonight?

THE FAIRY WITCH ( seeing the old king)
I have actually placed on my crimson cape today, the cellos are forming my discomfort, I have actually come to completion of my act. I do not understand where I will go next. I question what she will choose for me. I hope she will assist me revenge the betrayal, the odor of coffee and toxin is providing me headaches. I hope she chooses that evil will win. Will it be me who passes away tonight?

THE OLD KING ( seeing the fairy witch)
The moonlight is shining on me. I keep coming here, although I am so exhausted. I have actually seen her spying on me from the corner, she is outlining versus me. I understand I picked power over what we had. Her skin was so soft versus the ivy. I still dream about her, in my problems. Will it be me who passes away tonight?

THE MALE WITH THE WEAPON ( taking a look at the weapon in his hands, which are shaking)
She summoned me. In this dance she’s chasing after completion of the story, the discomfort, the loss, the vengeance. She desires them to discover peace, to lastly rest in the moss along the river. She wishes to lie there herself, with them, close her eyes and discover a brand-new shade of emerald green, a brand-new dream in which to conceal. Will it be me, tonight?

Marta Santillo composes books, narratives and poems. She enjoys Latin American wonderful realisms, gothic books and dream.

Our Readers stated:

• An extremely initial piece; stands apart from the others.
• Since, with its wonderful, dream feel– the stars within a script– it has a completely various method to almost every other story sent.


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