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Readers’ Choice (A Man with a Gun): Snug as a Gun

Snug as a Weapon

Margaret Gallop

Maddie extended her legs under her desk. Her note pad was open and she was composing with enjoyment. She chose to compose longhand, the pen often appeared to have a life of its own.

The boy strolled towards the swimming pool bar, his sun bleached hair looked excellent versus his equally tanned skin. Raising his beverage he strolled past a luxuriously outstretched lady in a blue swimwear. She appeared intent on reading however he discovered that she raised her head somewhat as he passed. He knocked the sunbed carefully and stopped briefly to apologise. She rolled over and stayed up to acknowledge him. Her face was so charming that he took in a brief breath. ‘My name is Larson,’ he murmured. ‘I may see you around.’

‘ Finola,’ she whispered, and reversed to her book.

Maddie felt confined. She glanced towards to the kitchen area, with its constant cycle of temptations and waiting jobs. She averted. Her partner Sam was messing up around still rubbing her bleary eyes. She had the day of rest work, it was all right for her. Maddie got her pen once again.

There was activity on the neighboring quay. Another luxury yacht had actually gotten here. Finola stayed up to enjoy who disembarked. Her eye was drawn to a high boy whose dark wavy hair captured the light. He strolled throughout to the poolside and made the young barista laugh. Finola raised her long legs off the sun bed in one classy relocation.

Maddie grumbled. On the one celebration she had actually got anywhere near a sun bed she had actually tipped it over. Maybe Finola efficiently averted the risks of increasing from a sun bed? No, that messed up the romantic story. Mentioning which, where was this story going?

As the brand-new arrival moved towards the quayside tables he glanced in Finola’s instructions. She increased to her feet.

Maddie smelled. She moved her posture and pressed her unwashed hair out of her eyes. The length of time could she go on composing like this?

‘ Alright, Muffin?’ Sam strolled previous offering her a fast shoulder massage. She was high and put up with dark cropped hair … Stop it!

‘ Do not call me Muffin, it’s prejudiced!’

‘ Not working out, I recognize. Coffee?’

Maddie altered her posture and got the pen once again.

Finola moved towards the bar. The barista’s face lightened up.

I can’t bear this. Maddie got a thicker pen.

‘ Stop where you are!’ The dark-haired guy was displaying a shining weapon. Finola yelled, a sound rapidly suppressed as a bag was pulled over her head and she was dragged towards the luxury yacht’s gangplank.

That felt much better.

‘ You’re looking better.’ Sam stated, sticking down the coffee.

‘ Yes, I got that excruciating stunning heroine.’

‘ You’re going to eliminate her off? For being ostensibly stunning? Isn’t that a little prejudiced?’

Maddie snarled and composed A high dark lady from an upstairs veranda yelled ‘Cut!’

‘ Pleased?’

The pen continued composing. Finola managed the bag and cleaned that long gleaming hair. Then Finn eliminated his wig.

‘ What’s taking place?’

The director looked right out of the story at Maddie. ‘Boys have much better legs,’ she stated.

Margaret Gallop: I delight in trying various type of composing.

Margaret belongs to Didcot Writers, and has actually had her stories released in our anthologies. On this website you can read her pieces Authorization, Bees, The child with skin the colour of walnuts, Mariella and the Singing Flute, Sour Harvest, and April Wayside Blues

Our Readers stated:

• Stands apart due to the fact that it’s various.
• Reads wells, initial story, capacity for more.
• Really smart, story within a story.

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