New Release Book Review: The House of Now and Then by Jo Dixon
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New Release Book Review: The House of Now and Then by Jo Dixon

Title: Your House of Once In A While

Author: Jo Dixon

Released: January fourth 2023

Publisher: HQ Fiction– AU

Pages: 432

Categories: Fiction, Contemporary, Domestic, Thriller

RRP: $ 29.99

Ranking: 4 stars

You should leave the past in the past … or should you? A strongly informed, jaw-droppingly twisty and completely appealing story about the effects of finding the fact. For readers of Sally Hepworth, Nicola Moriarty and Adele Parks.

After an embarrassing public scandal, Olivia is concealing from journalism in a remote Tasmanian home when an unidentified guy knocks on her door, looking for Pippa, a lady who as soon as lived there. His daddy, Jeremy, has actually passed away, leaving a letter for this strange lady. Olivia wishes to assist, however can she run the risk of exposing her own sordid past?

Thirty years previously, bohemian wild-child Pippa and her friend Jeremy invest an ideal summer season in your home. Pippa falls deeply in love with regional kid Leo, and they start to prepare a life of experience together, much to the annoyance of his conservative and controlling household. One night Leo leaves your home to challenge his moms and dads … and is never ever seen once again.

As Olivia is drawn into resolving the secret, the unforeseen and terrible story of Pippa, Jeremy and Leo is gradually discovered. At the exact same time, a course to recovering her own life opens, if just she has the nerve to take it.


Your House of Once In A While is the stunning launching release from Australian author Jo Dixon. A seductive secret, filled with fascinating however broken characters who make deadly mistakes of judgement, Your House of Once In A While is a swirling tale of locked tricks.

A story of how the past has the capability to leave a strong stain on us, in spite of the passage of time, Your House of Once In A While follows Olivia in 2017. We find out that Olivia has actually been required to look for sanctuary in the relaxing rural surrounds of a home in the Tasmanian countryside, following a scandal. When a complete stranger knocks on Olivia’s door, trying to find a previous homeowner of Olivia’s present residence, Olivia feels obliged to assist this guy discover the individual he is looking for. Nevertheless, in offering support to this secret guy, Olivia understands she needs to compromise her covert past. Tracing back to 3 years previously, Your House of Once In A While communicates the story of Pippa, a complimentary spirit, and her faithful pal Jeremy. We find out about the extraordinary summertime season that saw this careless girl start love with a regional kid. Pippa and Leo’s summer season love leads to a grand strategy to take a trip together, which makes the distain of Leo’s traditionalist moms and dads. When Leo decides and defies his moms and dads, he disappears without a trace. Olivia is obliged to lastly split this thirty-year-old secret. This cathartic act leads Olivia to consider what she really desires in life, however is she brave enough to welcome a brand-new life course? When the fact is exposed, whatever will alter in Your House of Once in a while.

2023 is currently forming up to be an excellent reading year based upon the series of books I have the satisfaction of reading in January. Your House of Once In A While is the 2nd launching book I have actually read this month and it is a standout one. I am extremely interested to see what Jo Dixon launches next. Thank goodness book 2 is on its method, which Jo Dixon has actually exposed to us by means of her author bio.

Double timelines are my outright preferred brand name of fiction and this launching title from Jo Dixon right away set my world on fire. Tracking the years 2017 and 1986, this relatively extensive period growth was managed completely by Dixon. For a launching I was impressed by Dixon’s writing, it was immersive, brilliant and looped. I generally discover that a person story or timeline guidelines over the other in double age books, however this one is quite even. I mored than happy to relax and take in the action that takes place in both timelines. Anticipate simply as numerous twists, turns, exposes and damaged tricks in each year focus. Dixon has actually made sure that she cancels both narrative departments well and she likewise makes a mindful effort to join them together in marriage by the explosive close of the book.

Character smart, Your House of Once In A While is occupied by an interesting lot of lead characters. I warmed to each of them and I was really thinking about how their lives happened as this book made its winding journey. I was especially immersed with the occasions, characters and choices made in the previous series. I likewise connected myself to Olivia in the more present based story arc. Dixon takes a complete and understanding technique to her characters. We are moved as much as they are mentally as Dixon pits them versus different attempting scenarios in her unyielding double story. This sincere, raw and achingly gorgeous mode of storytelling was quite valued by this reader. I specifically liked the secret and thriller aspect too, it was well performed by Jo Dixon.

I’m extremely positive that the mesmerising double narrative strategy, the appealing characters, psychological occasions and attractive background will draw readers into Jo Dixon’s Your House of Once In A While

Your House of Once in a while by Jo Dixon was released on fourth January 2023 by HQ Fiction– AU. Information on how to buy the book can be discovered here.

To get more information about the author of Your House of Once in a while, Jo Dixon, check out here.

* I want to thank Harlequin Australia for offering me with a complimentary copy of this book for evaluation functions


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