New Release Book Review: The Gifted Son by Genevieve Gannon
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New Release Book Review: The Gifted Son by Genevieve Gannon

Title: The Talented Child

Author: Genevieve Gannon

Released: January 10th 2023

Publisher: Allen & & Unwin

Pages: 384

Categories: Fiction, Contemporary

RRP: $ 32.99

Score: 4.5 stars

A Sydney household’s picture-perfect life is overthrown in an unputdownable brand-new book from the bestselling author of The Moms

What if the worst day of your life ends up being the making of you?

Lillian heard her child’s steps rush the passage. She ran her fingers beneath her eyes, prepared to welcome her kid. However when Kate appeared in the entrance her face was white. ‘Mum,’ Kate stated. ‘You ‘d much better come. It’s the authorities.’

With 2 brilliant kids, a lovely house and a hubby she’s constantly depended upon, Lillian Hogarth considers herself blessed. Up until, on her kid Jamie’s last day of high school, he stops working to come house. Hospitalised by a coward’s punch, Jamie has actually been the victim of a muck-up day event that went too far.

Lillian’s assistance is unflinching, even as her world starts to collapse. A boy whose fate hangs in the balance, a teenage witness who declines to call the one who tossed the punch, and a hubby who’s concealing a trick that could ruin their marital relationship …

Is this completion of the Hogarth household’s all the best? Or will Jamie’s decision– and Lillian’s love– be the making of them?


I was initially presented to the work of Australian author Genevieve Gannon in 2020 thanks to her gold star book, The Moms I have actually been twiddling my thumbs since in anticipation for her next book. The Talented Child is Gannon’s newest victory. A tale that rocks the reader with extremely topical styles such as attack, injury, health problem, rehab, lies, the afterlife, advantage, household estrangement and bullying in the independent school system, The Talented Child is a promoting read.

Lillian Hogarth leads a charmed life, or so it appears. Lillian is the mom of 2 high accomplishing kids and a reputable hubby. The Hogarth household have whatever they desire and require, however all this comes crashing down one eventful day. The last day of Jamie’s high school profession ends in disaster when he is badly hurt by a one-punch attack. Jamie is hospitalised and deals with a long roadway to healing. Lillian rallies behind her kid as finest she can, however her ideal home starts to struggle with the effect of Jamie’s mishap. Justice for Jamie shows to be tough to achieve, specifically when the crucial witness to his attack declines to expose who is accountable for the eventful punch. Jamie’s dad John likewise seems concealing something from his household in their hour of requirement. What is John withholding from his household? The Hogarth household should summon all the strength and guts they can as Jamie deals with the battle of his life.

The Australian mental fiction field is blessed to have the effective voice of Genevieve Gannon leading the charge. Thanks to Gannon’s previous ethical problem design book The Moms, together with this newest release from the Sydney based author, we have a wonderful leader in the field of conflict-based fiction. I confess to forming rather high expectations of The Talented Child which was based upon my love of Gannon’s last unique. The Talented Child showed to be yet another winning read from Genevieve Gannon.

In a nod to the fantastic Jodi Picoult, Genevieve Gannon’s newest discussion provides readers a wonderful combination of categories such as mental fiction, domestic drama, the paranormal and legal matters. I was truly taken in by this one, The Talented Child held me entirely slave for a current five-hour aircraft journey. With the story communicated from numerous moving perspectives, which are all thoroughly significant, Gannon provides lots of character self-questioning. We speak with Lillian, the matriarch of this tale, a female who shows a ruthless quantity of assistance for her kid in his time of requirement. We speak with Jamie, the victim of the attack, as he comes to grips with the memories of his terrible attack. John Hogarth is a deceptive figure, who seems concealing something really crucial from his household. Jamie’s older sis Kate weighs in on the experience from a various angle. While the last voice originates from Jez, among Jamie’s fellow schoolmates, who may simply hold the secret to opening the secret surrounding who hurt Jamie. The mix of these contrasted voices is taking in and engaging. I could not put this one down, no matter how difficult I attempted. The plot is well built and Gannon lives in each character completely, so we seem like a crucial part of this psychological attempting scenario. I understand I was interested to see how it would all eventuate.

Gannon’s setting is well rendered, especially in recommendation to her fortunate and special personal high school phase. When the action transfers to the healthcare facility wings, I felt a sense of high credibility. We observe Jamie’s healing procedure, which has its ups and downs. Gannon incorporate Jamie’s youth health problem of leukaemia and stem cell contribution into the unique, which includes another spin to his long healing journey. Healthcare, rehab, workout, decision and occupational treatment is thoroughly incorporated into this emotive story. I discovered these locations of The Talented Child truly intriguing. We likewise acquire an insight into household estrangement, the afterlife and esoteric experiences, which formed a few of my preferred elements of the story. Gannon analyzes concerns of bullying, high school relationships, commitment, youth psychological health and charitable work. In Jamie’s moms and dads, we see how rapidly a life of advantage can be shattered. The stress on Jamie’s moms and dads quickly emerges as the fallout from the attack affects them in methods they never ever believed you can possibly imagine. A take a look at the authorities examination and legal procedures associated with an attack like Jamie’s types another crucial element of this book. There is no rejecting that Gannon has actually provided her readers with a good deal to review and go over as she moves her newest story to a poignant close.

The Talented Child stands out book that advises us of the value of hope, victory over disaster, household assistance, approval, deadly errors, forgiveness and genuine love. I extremely suggest The Talented Child to all booklovers.

The Talented Child by Genevieve Gannon was released on 10th January 2023 by Allen & & Unwin. Information on how to acquire the book can be discovered here.

For more information about the author of The Talented Child, Genevieve Gannon, check out here.


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