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Musician and mantra artist Siri Sadhana Kaur shares her new release, Dance of Soul… – Yogigems

Siri Sahana Kaur’s current recording and partnership 9th mantra album is Dance of Soul ( with Siri Sadhana Kaur and Aloka Collister). These remixes are positive, with electronic grooves and deep ambient soundscapes, that fuse spiritual mantra & & initial world instruments, acting as a structure and platform for the harmonic tunes and vocals.

Siri Sadhana, can you inform us more about your partnership with Kamari and Manvir?

In love of dance and motion expression, we were welcomed to work together with our old good friends and fellow UK artists- Kamari & & Manvir from Akashic recordings. We danced and used phase with them for numerous a year at numerous UK & & European celebrations and were pleased to collaborate for this task. This is now my 9th album, and am so delighted to make music that influences the dancer to relocate delight, event and dedication.

Can you share a little bit more about your Mantra Dance?

I have actually been leading dance occasions called ‘Mantra Dance’ medication for the soul, which integrates the elegant power of vibrating and toning your voice utilizing Kundalini mantras, then accessing the flexibility and delight of dance expression through the body. We heat up the singing cables and open the resonating cavities of the body experiencing our variety and singing capacity. Then dance within a series of motion mantra medication, smartly crafted and directing the body towards improvement so you can voluntarily be directed into a state of grace, uncomplicated and wondrous motion. Through motion regimens and making use of the richness and enthusiasm of the voice, we can develop a music medication that speaks straight to the soul and gets your cells humming.

When did you enter kundalini yoga and mantra?

My journey with Kundalini and Spiritual mantra music started 17 years back. My background remained in theatre, I was a star for several years and visited in theatre productions. This provided me a strong platform and deep gratitude for the imagination that was stirred and woken up in my extremely first class. My very first Kundalini yoga instructor had a stunning voice, and frequently shouted simply with her melodic voice live, to the trainees in relaxation and meditation. In those early classes, I keep in mind feeling carried, motivated and frequently extremely psychological.

Kundalini Yoga has that lovely method to reach and touch what requires to be awoken, in an extremely natural method, yet it can feel earth shattering, yet humbling. It’s not uncommon to hear kundalini mantra music accompanying classes, music can sustain and support us rhythmically through numerous things. Kundalini Mantras are fundamental within the practice. The blend of noise, Rhythm, vocalising ancient syllables through clear intent is a dish for improvement. An activation takes place in the simulation of the chant, the more we combine with our own depth and listen through our sound vibration, we massage and recover, lining up, yet giving up to our much deeper function and calling.

How has it altered your life?

It has now simply end up being a way of living. I shout most days, whether it’s getting ready for a performance or shouting in a class, workshop or training. I get welcomed to numerous occasions and celebrations to carry out. Throughout the lockdown, I purchased more sound devices and after that did a lot more live online occasions in the UK, Germany, Taiwan, Paris, France, Spain, Menorca, U.S.A..

Last summertime in lockdown, London was so remarkably peaceful. Me and my associate did some live music dawn occasions in breathtaking locations in London and on the coast like the Centuries Bridge, St Pauls Cathedral, The Thames at London Bridge, Primrose Hill view of London, 7 Sis cliffs. My Life has lots of music and mantra, which seems like an excellent true blessing. Spiritual music modifications you, you are contacted us to link beyond the ordinary and line up into the higher capacity of who you are.

What does your practice appear like now?

I have actually been practicing Kirtan Kriya for over year, primarily due to the fact that I am directing and accompanying my good friends in this. Among my good friends has actually been detected with an early start of Alzheimer’s. Kirtan Kriya as a meditation deals with mantra, and (mudra) hand positions-synchronizing finger pulses in sync with the chant. This increases stimulation in areas of the brain that are main to memory. The particular fingertip position in combination with shouting the syllables SA TA NA MA improve blood circulation in the motor-sensory part of the brain. There have actually been research study studies revealing that practicing Kirtan kriya even for simply 12 minutes a day, can help in reducing tension levels and boost stimulation in locations of the brain that are main to memory. From the Eastern point of view, the positioning of the tongue on the roofing of the mouth in combination with making the syllables, promotes 84 acupuncture points on the upper taste buds. This triggers a helpful bio-chemical improvement in the brain.

Five-second round …

Favorite quote? ” What have you made with the garden that was turned over to you?”

You in a Tweet … ‘Enthusiasm and performance float my boat’!

Schedule? ‘ The Prophet’- so easy, yet deeply extensive

Location? Mali desert-West Africa

Instructor ( yoga or otherwise)? The Late Sobonfu Somé

Kundalini yoga song/artist? Gurudass Kaur

Breakfast? Bananas

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