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Learning a lesson in 40 days of the Maha Gyan Agni Kriya – Yogigems

I was motivated to deal with sigils, or spiritual signs, on a talk with visionary artists Alex Grey and Allyson Grey. They explained how a sigil had actually supported them in understanding their imagine the Chapel of Spiritual Mirrors– their astonishing gallery in Wappingers Falls, New York City. So Nish and I chose to develop a sigil together for our relationship. We have actually been attempting to have a wedding event given that April 2020, and have actually 3 times been prevented by Covid. We set out to practice meditation with our sigil while shouting the almighty vibration of the wonder mantra, ek ong kar sat gur prasad sat gur prasad ek ong kar.

I was still buzzing with the fantastic positivity of ‘ek ong kar sat gur prasad sat gur prasad ek ong kar’ from my previous 40-day meditation. The Maha Gyan Agni Kriya is a completely various expedition of this mantra. This meditation holds the hands in a yoni mudra, so you can picture that, paired with the wonder mantra, it formulate some quite supersonic manifesting energy. Spray in a sigil, and WOW.

All was matching the day-to-day 31 minutes. I was holding the sigil in the yoni mudra and experiencing a charming unfolding with it in my day-to-day early morning practice. Till around 3 weeks in. That’s when I chose to get imaginative. Instead of focusing just on the mudra and mantra, purposefully holding the sigil inside the yoni mudra (itself an adjustment), I chose to explore sowing the seed of the sigil in each chakra, concentrating on one chakra for every single among the 8 repeatings. It supported me in counting the 8 repeatings in addition to embedding the sigil in the subtle body for additional manifesting congratulations. Forgive me– I am still swimming through the unlimited tides of shakti pad and experimentation is an element of this specific ocean.

On the 2nd day of my souped-up Maha Gyan Agni Kriya, I was struck with vertigo. I was pottering about my day when there was a problem in the space-time continuum– it felt as if I lost my footing and fell into a woozy fracture in truth. Oooft. It took place the day after too, getting a little even worse the day after that. It would capture me off guard throughout the day. One minute I ‘d be great, the next, my head was swimming and I felt myself losing grip. It continued for about 5 days, getting gradually even worse, with the lightheaded spells happening regularly, ending up being more disorienting. The good news is it didn’t take me too long to think that it may, maybe, be to do with moving my attention around my body while doing this effective meditation, instead of keeping it consistent on the mudra and mantra.

The next day, I stapled my focus back to the yoni mudra, to the mantra, and deserted the sigil entirely. No vertigo that day. Or the next. Or the next. I have actually not experienced it given that.

Lesson found out: I will listen to the suggestions I have actually heard sometimes prior to and not adjust the kriyas– even on a subtle level. These practices are so effective and require no additional frills. So, henceforth, I am keeping my sigil and kundalini practices different!

As an aside, the lightheaded spells advised me of what took place throughout a practice of 120 days of gyan chakra kriya a couple of years ago … I didn’t check out the guidelines home and practiced it for 31 minutes for a great part of the time prior to recognizing this was an 11-minute number. I will forevermore observe the ‘do not alter the kriyas’ suggestions.

Sat nam x

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