Jan 30 – Share Your World
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Jan 30 – Share Your World

This is my entry for Pensitivity101 hosts Share Your World and here is my reaction for the week.

Do you consider yourself to be romantic? Maybe in little methods, however for one of the most part I do not believe I am. It’s those little glimpses with Chris or when we begin stating the exact same thing at the exact same time that to me reveals our distinct connection with each other. It’s the love that is shared together.

Do you send out cards on Valentine’s Day? I understand you have actually heard me state on my blog site that we do not commemorate vacations, due to the fact that every day to us is a vacation. So, no, I do not send out cards nor do I anticipate cards.

Would you invest a substantial quantity of cash on a single red increased for your cherished? Red roses no. Neither one people is that keen on roses. Would I invest cash on carnations for Chris or possibly a single yellow increased. Yes. She ‘d most likely choose an incredibly decadent coconut cream pie. I’m the flower lady in the household.

Arrangement I made Chris with carnations last summertime.

What is your concept of a romantic night? The other night we saw the film, American President. It is one Chris’s preferred motion pictures. We understand the film so well we can practically state the whole script to each other. We understand when to laugh and our responses. It’s constantly an enjoyable time together.

Thankfulness: You are so right, enjoy everything around. We simply need to remain in an area to see it and feel it.

I have actually created a list of obstacles and their hosts. So if you understand a difficulty host, please direct them to my blog site. Do not hesitate to call me anytime. I hope everybody will have the ability to utilize my lists.

Qi (energy) hugs


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