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It is possible to discover Tenerife in a weekend trip – Vanilla Garden

Uti lize our strategy and find Tenerife in a weekend journey. A stressful however extraordinary experience.

We are not going to trick you, it is tough to see such a stunning, total and loaded with marvels put in a single weekend, what we are going to do is to develop a little path so that you can see the most necessary locations of the island in a couple of days and wish to return in the future. The great roadway interactions make it simple to arrive with an optimum journey time of one and a half hours from one end of the island to the other. Let’s go all out, let’s see Tenerife in a weekend journey.

A couple of suggestions for checking out Tenerife on a weekend journey

  • Lease a vehicle The very best method to optimise time and waiting times is to work with a vehicle. The connections and public transportation, although effective, will lose important time that you do not have.
  • Concrete preparation In such a brief area of time you need to be clear about the sights that you can not miss out on. Prior to leaving house, arrange a little travel journal with schedules, paths, journey times and pertinent locations to see.
  • Optimise your time. Do you wish to see the entire location? Get up a little earlier than typical and go to sleep a little later than advised. It’s just 3 days and we must offer the optimum of ourselves. We’ll rest when we return, you just live when.
  • Prioritise location over activities Due to the minimal time we have, we can refrain from doing exceedingly long activities. If we wish to see a lot, sadly we will need to do less. If just we had the power to stop time.

Friday, your arrival

It depends upon the arrival time of your flight, however we can’t lose this very first day. After leaving the airport with our rental automobile we will drive rapidly to Vanilla Garden to sign in. The effective reception group will assist you with any questions you might have. The very best thing to do this afternoon is to seize the day to explore the south of the island.

You will show up a little exhausted, so we motivate you to go to Los Cristianos, Las Américas and Los Gigantes. The very first 2 are traveler and industrial locations, with lovely beaches and leisure centers. The 3rd is a natural marvel of volcanic origin and not too far from the hotel where you are remaining. A see to the Cliffs of Los Gigantes is a needs to throughout your stay. It’s a pity we do not have time to dive the seabed.

Tenerife in a weekend trip

Saturday, the special day

This is the necessary day of our journey, the only day we can take pleasure in the entire journey, without any flight or remain constraints. For this day we advise a total see, great deals of kilometres in the automobile and a desire for experience. Teide, as all of us understand, is the primary traveler destination on our island and there are a number of methods to arrive. We are going to base ourselves on these paths to see a big part of the environments.

The most comfy path for our lodging location is the one from Vilaflor, where we will see lovely landscapes and numerous towns prior to reaching the slopes of Mount Teide. As soon as we reach our primary goal, we will need to walk the location of Las Cañadas, take lovely pictures and value the amazing volcanic landscape, which you can see snow-covered in winter season. We will make the most of the path to decrease through the location of La Orotava, a historical town that is well worth a stop. Extremely nearby is Puerto de La Cruz, the very first traveler town in the Canary Islands and a marvel of the north of the island.

Once we have actually finished these towns it will be time to go back to our hotel and on this celebration we will make the most of the island’s freeways to lower our time. And while we are on our method, it would be a pity not to stop, a minimum of for a couple of hours in La Laguna, the historical university town, or Santa Cruz, the capital of the island. It will depend upon the time we have, however if we optimise our see it is possible to see them quickly.

Sunday, goodbye tourist

At this phase of the journey, we have actually been familiar with a lot about our island. We will need to take a look at of the hotel and it is time to make the most of the last minutes prior to going to the airport. With the time we have we can go to the “low island”. Garachico, Buenavista or Teno are awaiting you to finish an ideal weekend journey in Tenerife.

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