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How MAYU breathes life into water

Mayu is a raw water dispenser that vortexes water and supplements minerals that your body needs. Image of a Swirl Machine.

If you have actually ever had the enjoyment of drinking from a natural spring, you may notice the taste, or possibly you’ll call it a sensation. Some individuals hunt for the enjoyment of drinking raw water at springs in nature—- referred to as “living water” in Hebrew—- which’s the story of the 2 creators of MAYU, a brand-new sort of water gadget business from Israel that makes affordable and eco-friendly sense.

They sign up with a little group of business owners worldwide that are aiming to change the capitalist maker with business like Coca Soda and PepsiCo offering bottled faucet water to American customers. MAYU creators Shay Eden and Ze’ev Zohar were fans of sparkling water who both concerned the conclusion that water was broken. They required to discover a method to alter it holistically for health factors and for the world.

None of the options they discovered in your area in Israel such as the Strauss Tami4 maker or a Brita pitcher might come close to providing water as nature makes it, the method they might discover it at regional springs in Jerusalem or near Michmoret where they both live today. Early tests on the very best filters in the marketplace revealed them that gadgets customers purchase just eliminate about 5% of the issue. Reverse osmosis innovations can make water tidy however without life. Even the springs and raw water they understood from their youths were beginning to reveal indications of contamination from sewage, farming waste, microplastics.

Mayu is a raw water dispenser that vortexes water and supplements minerals that your body needs. Image of a Swirl Machine.

After years of commitment, global missions to about 50 springs like Evian’s Cachat Spring, and more than a dash of mad science, MAYU was born. Their Swirl system is a device that vortexes water, turning stagnant water into a living being, by aerating, restructuring and remineralizing it with mineral mixes nature planned. A bigger automated counter top dispenser, the MAYU II, remains in the works.

Curating water with its own character or nutrient mix

Are you a professional athlete who desires much better efficiency for your work-out? A moms and dad who desires the healthiest water for your kids? A hotelier that uses bespoke water with a taste looking like the terroir of the location?

Currently MAYU uses the Swirl to United States customers. It rests on your kitchen area table. Preferably you include water from a reverse osmosis maker to it, switch on the Swirl and after that include drops of a developed mineral mix you pick. Wish to consume water that resembles springs in the French Alps, water that works well for pregnancy? Water that has the taste of your youth? Pick your mix.

The minerals and physical procedure made by MAYU brings back water as though it had actually gone through miles of natural stone, getting minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium, even trace quantities of platinum and gold, along the method. Water in nature is vortexed as it passes over rocks, and as it does it inhales oxygen, vaporizes out bad things such chlorine, CO2, undesirable smells, and other unpredictable natural substances. Like in nature, the MAYU taste is much better, and the pH is well balanced.

Mom of Innovation

Prior To Eden and Zohar had actually satisfied around 2016, and began playing around in Hogla, Israel where they are today, both were drawn in to water in various methods. In his 20s Zohar had actually begun day-to-day spring dips on his method to art and style college in Jerusalem, a routine that continues to this day, however at the sea. Shay, a mom and a potter, was developing natural vessels out of clay in the method of the ancients, to assist faucet water breathe and decontaminate.

Israel, as a backstory, has a history of natural springs of scriptural percentages. Spiritual individuals immerse in a mikveh—- in living water—- such as a spring, the sea, or water gathered from rains. Bible legend has it that the very first water produced in Genesis stemmed from a spring in the Old City of Jerusalem. You can go to that spring today.

There are other legends: when the Jews were roaming in the desert for 40 years, a spring would follow them whenever Moses’ sis Miriam would play her drum. Some residents declare the spring is now appearing in the middle of the Sea of Galilee.

Water in Israel is spiritual and there is not just water, however fire in the eyes of Eden and Zohar, when they discuss MAYU, or the health of their kids. Zohar had very first satisfied Eden about healthy food choices for his child, “she was understood in the town as the wizard for organic food,” he remembers. “I never ever thought of the water I am drinking—- up until my child was born.”

” Yeah, I can make healthy food enjoyable,” Eden, now a mom of 3, chuckles. “However no matter how healthy your food is, it ends at water.”

Which’s when they began conceptualizing.

They required to fix the water issue that continues at the tap. Heavy metals and other impurities such as pharmaceuticals stay. “Even if the water is tidy at the source where it’s processed, it will not be by the time it reaches your tap,” Eden states holding portions of brown bits they ‘d gathered from the tap in their laboratory, an area that utilized to be her youth kitchen area: “Asbestos pipelines, lead, farming overflow, hazardous waste—- everything leakages into the old pipelines that bring the water to your house.”

The crucial moment, that Eureka minute occurred when they discovered the research study of Viktor Schauberger “the Tesla of water,” states Zohar. “Absolutely nothing imitates water. It’s an abnormality. It acts like an aspect. There is fire. Then there is water.”

” Through him we discovered the voice of fact about water,” Eden discussed. “He spoke about the motion of water. How water works.”

Schauberger who passed away in 1958 was an Austrian forest caretaker, researcher, creator and biomimicry experimenter.

Ze’ev then all of a sudden revealed to me, “we are going to produce water” and I informed him you are merely insane—- just God can do that,” Eden states. However real to the objective, “The very first years here resembled a train station, with researchers and water fans reoccuring. All the water geeks of the world were here. We wished to take in, understand and imitate nature,” Eden informs Green Prophet.

Shaken or stirred?

MAYU fixes 2 huge issues. One is tidy water, abundant with vital minerals, however the 2nd is an excellent option to our plastic bottle dependency driven by soda and food multinationals such as Nestle. We see the issue in the United States, however if you go to an establishing area like the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, every hut in the town will have cases of Dasani water bottles (made by Coke), which wind up drifting into the sea and reef. There is no other choice for tidy water in these remote areas. China, Thailand, Brazil. The story is the very same.

The MAYU gadget can put water bottlers out of company, and can change one hundred percent of all the plastics in your home and the workplace. The concern for financiers is where is business?

Water bottling is an industry worldwide. Data Bridge Marketing research states that the worldwide mineral water market was valued at 283.6 billion USD in 2021 and is anticipated to reach the worth of 476.45 billion USD by 2029, at a CAGR of 6.7% throughout the projection duration of 2022 to 2029. In 2015 the United States alone took in an approximated $40 billion worth of mineral water (Grand View Research Study), a bulk which was still, not shimmering, water.

According to Seth Siegel, author of Let There Be Water, a NY Times bestseller, and a financier in MAYU, one in 3 American families have actually stopped consuming faucet water. More than 74 billion water bottles are brought into American families and 67% of those are for mineral water. Greenpeace launched a jaw-dropping expose in 2022 that just 5% of plastics can be recycled.

MAYU was established in 2018 and uses 4 individuals in Hogla, Israel. Elad Erdan is the business’s CEO, who has a performance history that fit the worths of the 2 creators: he operated in company advancement for Colu, a community-building app for American city governments workplaces, and at Israel’s biggest renewable resource business Energix.

To date, MAYU has sales and has actually raised $2.2 million USD of a $3 million seed round at a $7.5 million USD assessment. Seed funds will assist MAYU introduce the bigger automated MAYU II system, with a production partner in Korea.

The business’s properties consist of a trademarked procedure for liquifying minerals. The products included are categorized by the FDA with GRAS classification, which suggests safe. Consumable mineral packs is the larger company design together with an interest provide custom-made dishes for water. If you are a chef who owns a Michelin star dining establishment maybe you wish to establish your own water mix? Or what about pregnancy? Zohar explored on his pregnant other half. He played around and established a water mineral mix that stopped her leg convulsions. The trick: micro dosing of magnesium and potassium throughout the day.

For those that wish to purchase today a Swirl tabletop variation expenses about $180 plus minerals, $14.95 for 60 liters of water. Competitors in the area consists of Aqua Tru Water (United States), Berkey Filters (United States), and Mitte (Germany).

Erdan, the CEO, sees business of water, like Apple’s app shop: “We are a market for water applications,” he states. “We will supply the pills and other items like vitamins and premium items will be provided through our requirements and quality system.”

Larger commercial systems that work for hotels, dining establishments and college dormitory are likewise being piloted together with the hopes of developing a more ideal world: while we can’t all begin water witching for natural springs in our yard, we can a minimum of attempt to imitate natural springs at house.

New Age individuals and raw water fans are delighted about all of this: is MAYU looking beyond the chemical element of filtration and looking holistically at the method the water streams, developing structured water, likewise referred to as hexagonal water, which is when the water particles form a hexagonal cluster.

Structured water is stated to have really close resemblances to pure and unpolluted water discovered in natural springs and glacier melts. If you were at a real source spring you would simply consume it out of your hands, however when consuming MAYU, glass just please: “Since water liquifies whatever, even trace quantities of silica in glass, and it’s a more effective solvent when it’s really pure,” Eden describes, raising a glass to toast and filling my water bottle prior to I struck the roadway back to Tel Aviv.

Wish to conserve $23 on your very first Swirl? Include the voucher code: GREENPROPHET when you take a look at.




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