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Factors of Top Performing Businesses

Elements of Leading Carrying Out Companies

In order of greatest impact (greatest very first):

  1. Luck.
  2. Graft a.k.a. criminality.
  3. Dishonest practices.
  4. Rape of the world.
  5. Buddies in high locations.
  6. Reliable shared presumptions and beliefs.


The majority of business owners confess that their success is mainly down to luck. Remaining in the best location at the correct time, and so on.


Criminal business such as Enron or Bernard L. Madoff Financial investment Securities are extensively understood. Graft on reasonably smaller sized scales is extensive as a company technique or technique.

Dishonest practices

Dishonest practices such as taking from staff members, explotation of staff members or consumers, rape of pension funds, dishonest marketing practices, and so on are so extensive regarding prevail practice.

Rape of the world

Lots of services inflate their revenues through appropriation of natural deposits (water, forests, carbon deposits, minerals, and so on).

Buddies In high locations

Beneficial treatment by e.g. regulators or lawmakers can cause increased revenues, profits, and so on, if you understand the best individuals from whom or by means of whom to protect such favours.

Reliable shared presumptions and beliefs

Method down at the bottom of my list is in fact running business efficiently Little marvel then that all the other choices noted here appear far more typical as methods for “success”.

The majority of the choices noted here live basically outside the control of business in concern. Luck is seldom in the control of the lead characters. Graft threats prosecution and sanctions such as prison. Dishonest practices run the risk of pushing away consumers. Rape of the world threats pushing away society, more than ever nowadays. Buddies in high locations counts on having such buddies, and preventing analysis of such relationships.

Just the last choice in the list gives some degree of stability. However then when did stability ever count for much in service?

— Bob

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