12 drawer bubinga & curly maple dresser
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Custom Handmade Dresser In Bubinga & Curly Maple

This 12 drawer cabinet is a buddy piece to the 8 drawer cabinet I displayed in my latest previous post. While the style & & building and construction are comparable, the scale & & percentages of this piece are various. Since the interior of this piece is divided up asymmetrically, I discovered it specifically advantageous to exercise percentages in advance with a scale illustration. In a chest like this one I normally finish the height of the drawers beginning with the highest drawer at the bottom and making them smaller sized as they increase, however I seemed like a high drawer at the bottom of this specific piece would have ruined its total fragile percentages and chose to make all my drawers the very same height.

dovetailed drawer details

Behind the strong wood, curly maple door are another 6 drawers producing an overall of 12 in all. So, although this is a compact cabinet, it offers a significant quantity of well arranged storage area.

12 drawer dresser

Like the previous cabinet, this one has fragile inlaid stringing in the top. I have actually been doing this string inlay in a lot of my tops for so long that it has actually ended up being something of a hallmark for me.

string inlaid top

I reduced the length of the drawer pulls from the ones on the previous cabinet to much better match the percentages of this chest. Creating and making each part myself permits me to make subtle changes to information as I construct a piece.

bubinga & curly maple dresser details

Other than for the drawer bottoms, which are cherry veneered plywood, this piece is made completely of strong wood.

solid wood dresser

solid wood bubinga & maple dresser

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