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Clunky Hero Nintendo Switch Gameplay | Handheld Players

Release date: January 25, 2023. Rate: Rate: $14.99/ ₤ 14.99/ 14.99 EUR. Submit size: 1.1 GB. Publisher: Chaosmonger Studio. Designer: Chaosmonger Studio.

An insane platformer with a touch of RPG and lots of wacky however tough things! For a world crowded with amusing animals and strange weapons.

Cumbersome Hero is a story-driven, platformer metroidvania, with a touch of RPG, Hack ‘n’ Slash and lots of humor. If you ‘d like a platformer video game where you have an amusing story, can talk with characters, resolve side missions, discover and purchase products, modification weapons and wearables, with terrific hand-drawn-looking backgrounds, provided in a really funny method, then Cumbersome Hero may be the video game of your dreams!


  • Almost 50 levels embeded in 9 various locations
  • 15+ Interiors
  • 8 Abilities: Double Dive, Dash, Dive, Cling, Variety Shot, Blasting Attack, Mighty Burp and Rocket Leap
  • Integrate 9 various improvement products on 3 reward slots to improve your character’s abilities and capabilities
  • Defeat hard employers
  • Funny discussions and amusing items/weapons
  • Trade Products on numerous stores along the video game
  • Numerous side missions to level up your character
  • Initial Music


In a town far, far, a dull peasant called Rufus was living a regular life. The one in charge of your house was his better half, Brunilde, a boisterously clever and amusing female that you would not precisely call “quite”. Life was good and delighted in the town, till one day, awakened by some wonderful error, the Evil One began to spread his minions around town, carrying out horrible acts versus individuals. The worst of which was the kidnapping of Brunilde. She was torn from Rufus’ hands and put in a jail at the Evil One’s castle. Changed into a blondie duck-faced doll woman, she now invests all her time gazing at herself in a little portable mirror.

Figured out to win her back, Rufus made a helmet out of a pail and chose a broom as a weapon. Everyone now calls him the cumbersome HERO, however he may be the only intend to beat the wicked one that nobody wishes to call by name. Rufus is now on his journey to conserve his better half and the entire town!