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Cause of the Mysterious Smell at Nassau Avenue Station Has Finally Been Resolved – Greenpointers

I heard the reports about the mystical odor originating from the Nassau Opportunity station, naturally, however because moving even more north, Greenpoint Opportunity became my brand-new online. Yet this previous weekend while taking the train, as our stubby little collection of cars and trucks pulled into Nassau Opportunity, an apparent odor attacked my nostrils, validating the reports with my extremely own sense of odor.

” When will our suffering end?” I shouted, shaking my fists at the sky to whatever devil or divine being may be accountable for the slights and indignities suffered by G-train straphangers on the day-to-day. Unpredictable weekend closures, undependable service, the G-train sprint, and now this odor.

It wasn’t difficult to think that sewage problems would be the perpetrator, however it’s good to lastly get verification.

On Wednesday, assemblymember Emily Gallagher tweeted, “@MTA states a sewage leakage was found approx. 100ft south of the northbound track.” She kept in mind that New York City water was dealing with the problem. In possibly what is record time for the MTA, they have actually now obviously repaired it.

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