Black Tide by KC Jones
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Book Review: Black Tide

A day at the beach sounds quite damn great right about now. I do not understand about you, however where I exist’s presently a heat wave. What would you rather handle: severe heat, or aliens?

Since in Black Tide by K. C. Jones, it’s not a dreamy beach trip. While that’s what Beth may have visualized when she sighed approximately house sit for a household who live right on a gorgeous ocean-view lot, what she got was a dreadful defend survival, where her only ally is Mike, the man next door she simply desired a casual sex with.

Rather, they wind up stranded on the beach in what can just be referred to as War of the Worlds fulfills A Peaceful Location If you’re a fan of either of those, you’re going to wish to get this book. It has:

✨ Untidy characters
Alien animals
The goodest pet, Jake
Gore, blood, and severed bodies
A desperate requirement for human connection
And an undeviating defend survival

I wasn’t 100% sure what to get out of this book, however holy shit, as soon as the story begin it simply kept going! It’s an exceptionally hectic book that might quickly read in a single sitting (specifically if you resemble me and require to understand what the hell is going on!). The characters persist, however so are the scary animals that have actually arrived at Earth, and they’re all ready to do whatever they need to in order to endure. This book is such a journey!

Thank you a lot Tor Nightfire for sending me a digital copy of this book to check out and evaluate by means of NetGalley. I offered 4 stars to this cosmic scary story, and would enjoy to see it adjusted for movie.

Black Tide by K. C. Jones came out on May 31, 2022 and can be acquired anywhere books are offered.

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