A Diner and Decades-Old Dream: An Interview with the New Owners of Three Decker Diner - Greenpointers
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A Diner and Decades-Old Dream: An Interview with the New Owners of Three Decker Diner – Greenpointers

Ownership of decades-old Greenpoint staple 3 Decker Restaurant (695 Manhattan Ave.) has actually just recently altered hands. However, felt confident, the brand-new owners are doing whatever they can to keep the pillar’s stability.

Dining establishment market veterans, Gavin Compton and Eduardo Sandoval, took control of 3 Decker Restaurant in July 2022. These names might call a bell as both Compton and Sandoval run regional organization in North Brooklyn. Compton is the owner of regional coffee chain Range Coffee Roasters, and Eduardo Sandoval runs regional hamburger chain Blue Collar.

Compton’s Range Coffee initially opened in Williamsburg at 368 Graham Ave. in 2008, and now has 7 areas throughout the city, consisting of one in Greenpoint at 142 Driggs Ave., and a devoted roasting center in East Williamsburg.

Compton informed Greenpointers that Sandoval was among Range’s very first regulars, and the set rapidly ended up being friends. When Compton opened his very first dining establishment in 2010 called Miller’s Pub, Sandoval left Manhattan’s Landmarc to work as the cook at Miller’s and wound up running the cooking area there.

In 2012, Compton opened the initial Blue Collar at 160 Havemeyer St. with his partner from Miller’s, and now, Blue Collar has 3 areas, going on 4. Compton likewise partnered with a previous Range barista to open Ops in Bushwick and Leo in Williamsburg.

In the meantime, Sandoval had his own dining establishment in Possibility Heights and turn up called El Bronquito. In December 2019, Sandoval went back to work along with Compton, as a partner, to handle Blue Collar. While running Blue Collar, Sandoval went on to open Long Island City’s Premium, and now supervises 3 Decker, Blue Collar and High Quality.

Greenpointers talked to 3 Decker Restaurant’s brand-new owners about their choice to include another dining establishment to their portfolio and their vision for the future of the restaurant.

Eduardo Sandoval, co-owner of 3 Decker Restaurant. Image: Gavin Compton

Greenpointers: You people have a lot going on. What made you choose to purchase 3 Decker Restaurant?

Co-Owner Gavin Compton: My very first task was at a 24-hour restaurant in the East Town, and it has actually constantly been an imagine mine to have my own one day.

Opening a restaurant from scratch didn’t feel genuine, so I awaited one to take control of. 3 Decker Restaurant has actually been around because 1945 and had character. It was very important to me to discover something that had character currently. It would not be real to the restaurant experience if it was brand-new.

We do not understand a lot about the ownership of 3 Decker prior to 1977, however I can inform you that in 1977, the owners of The Royal, a 24-hour restaurant kitty-corner to 3 Decker (now called Lite Bites), bought the dining establishment from the initial owner, George Koutsouradis and his partner Mike Sakis. They ran 3 Decker, together with Jimmy, their chef from The Royal. Eventually along the method, they had the ability to acquire the structure. They offered business to Jimmy in 2010, and Jimmy and his child, Irene, took the reins.

Prior to the pandemic, Jimmy was aiming to retire and started the look for a follower. Ed and I found out about it, and sprung at the chance. We have actually been operating in the area for 15 years, and I have actually lived a brief walk from it because 2004. I have actually constantly liked its bones.

Not to get too earnest, here, however budget friendly area restaurants are a significantly threatened type of dining establishment in New york city City. It was really essential to Jimmy and the previous owners to keep business going and to see 3 Decker make it to (a minimum of) its 100th birthday.

Co-Owner Eduardo Sandoval: Throughout the very first 2 weeks after we took ownership, Jimmy and his child revealed Gavin and I the ropes. They informed us about the regulars and presented us to individuals. It was difficult to keep in mind everybody’s orders and maintain all of those relationships that Jimmy had. It was humbling! Today it’s rewarding to see how thrilled the regulars and personnel are for us.

A traditional restaurant breakfast at 3 Decker Restaurant. Image: Gavin Compton

Greenpointers: The 3 Decker Restaurant has a specific ambiance, really various from brand-new dining establishments appearing around the area. Will you keep the ambiance and aesthetic appeals of the restaurant the very same? If not, what will you alter?

Compton: Our greatest objective is to keep it 3 Decker Restaurant. We do not wish to alter whatever. We were closed for the very first 2 weeks of January for a fast face lift and some much required cooking area restorations. However, everybody can connect to a restaurant. To attempt to alter that experience would be ridiculous and a mistake. Individuals desire that convenience of a restaurant.

From the start, among our primary objectives was to make certain we kept the whole personnel and regulars alike. Belonging of the area is very important to us. It was very important to be familiar with the regulars and get their trust. You satisfy individuals who have actually resided in the area for 60 years. They were the ones we were most thinking about and had one of the most enjoyable speaking with.

The interior of 3 Decker Restaurant. Image: Gavin Compton

Greenpointers: 3 Decker Restaurant’s menu is a substantial, yet common, restaurant menu. Do you prepare to keep the menu the very same?

Compton: It’s absolutely quite big, however that becomes part of the enjoyable in it. Our objective is to take the menu and modify it a little to make the item much better.

We just recently changed the coffee to Range, switched margarine for butter, and frozen items to fresh. We purchase fresh meat rather of frozen meat. We want to switch pre-packaged pastries to fresh ones by spring. We desire the consumers to understand we’re keeping rates as low as we can.

Greenpointers: Will there be any brand-new additions to the menu?

Compton: Ed is from El Paso, so it made good sense to us to switch out the Greek Specializeds for a Tex-Mex area.

We got a complete alcohol license in order to assist in breakfast mixed drinks like Bloody Marys and Mimosas. However there is no mixology. We are keeping it friendly.

We likewise prepare to construct a little five-seat bar in the back dining-room of the dining establishment, so regarding not remove from the front counter.

The tuna melt, a timeless restaurant staple, from 3 Decker Restaurant. Image: Gavin Compton

Greenpointers: Gavin, operating at a 24-hour restaurant was the start of your journey to owning 3 Decker. Can you see 3 Decker becoming open 24 hr?

Compton: Currently our hours are a little erratic due to restorations and staffing. When we took control of in July, the restaurant was closing at 5 pm. Our existing hours are 7 am– 5 pm on Monday and Tuesday, and 7 am– 8 pm Wednesday through Sunday.

Eventually, yes, the objective is to be open 24 hr to serve the morning employees and late night revealers alike.

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