Beige limewashed walls combined with a white sofa, wood furniture and white soft furnishings
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18 Inspiring homes with limewash paint – COCO LAPINE DESIGN

What is lime wall paint?

Limewash paint has actually been around for ages, and despite the fact that it is something that was utilized in the vintage, it has actually gotten appeal in the last couple of years in contemporary houses also.

As limewash paint is made from natural components just, it’s non-toxic paint without any unpredictable natural substances and no chemicals. It’s an eco-friendly service that even takes in co2 enhancing interior air quality in your area.

The production procedure is easy: a lime putty is constructed of crushed limestone combined with water and natural pigments, which is then used in thin coats on the wall, offering your area these stunning textured walls.

Lovely limewashed walls in various houses

If you require motivation and concepts on how to incorporate limewashed walls into your house, you remain in the best location. Listed below you can discover my preferred choices. The list consists of a range of various color combinations and designs.

A subtle lime wash treatment on the walls of this multi-level house

The subtle matt surface on this great limewash paint throughout this stunning Swedish house provides the interior a rustic touch, which is contrasted so perfectly with the contemporary furnishings pieces in the area.

The living-room and kitchen area have beige limewash paint on the walls, that makes the white couch and the white soft home furnishings stand apart. The kitchen area has a comparable color on the cabinets, which have actually been paired with a lovely warm limestone counter top. The whole wall above the sink has actually been covered with subtle drifting racks in the exact same color as the lime paint on the walls for a tone-on-tone result.

The bed room and the workplace have actually been painted with naked pink limewash paint, which provides the areas a hot feel and look which is contrasted perfectly by the white aspects in the bed linen, light, and doors. I like the vintage wood furnishings paired with the warm textured walls for a great deal of character.

by means of Unika Hem

Light grey limewash paint and black accents in a large bed room

Limewash paints can be excellent to offer a bit of additional measurement to an otherwise very little area similar to in this bed room. You can see the subtle brush strokes on the wall (if you do not like this numerous brush strokes, you include another coat) and the wall with limewash paint is paired with the opposing wall in standard paint and a white closet.

The black lights and the fabrics on the bed contrast magnificently with the natural pigments in the paint and I like the warm tones in the bed linen and the art work on the wall versus the cool undertones of the grey limewash paint.

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Fredrik j Karlsson for Alvhem

Warm grey lime wash paint in nearby interior areas

While limewash paint can be excellent on an accent wall, the result is a lot more remarkable when numerous spaces are painted with these visual brush strokes. In this stunning Swedish home, both the living and bed room have actually been painted with limewash paint, offering the area a beautiful texture and the ideal background for the thoroughly picked furnishings pieces and soft home furnishings picked for the interior.

by means of Alvhem

A dark grey lime paint for a significant result

This stunning home has dark grey limewash paint on the walls in between the ceiling cutting and the high floorboards. This includes a great deal of contrast, yet the white surface areas brighten up the area a bit also. The furnishings pieces are picked in a dark color scheme, which has an excellent result versus the light wood floor covering.

by means of Historiska Hem

A rustic result with lime wash paint and a classic sideboard

The classic white-painted sideboard in this bed room with an exposed brick wall uses up a great deal of attention and includes a lovely rustic touch to the area. The grey limewash paint on the wall above the bed makes the classic piece stand apart in a good method and I like the mix of the brick wall and the unfavorable area painted in a darker color.

by means of Stadshem

Grey Limewash paint integrated with white window frames and burgundy linen drape

I like the texture the limewash paint provides this stunning bed room with a warm color scheme. The white-soaped flooring and the white window frames truly stand apart versus this darker grey texture on the walls and the burgundy tint on the linen drape and on the light include a lot more character to this bed room.

by means of Historiska Hem

A grey limewash paint is the base for an advanced and stylish appearance

I like the method the grey texture on the wall produces the ideal background of the stylish fabrics and textures that are thoroughly picked for this area. The white material on the pedant light and the light oak on the stool behind the bed truly stand apart in this color scheme while the stylish thin black table lights include a beautiful touch of contrast.

Styled by Pella Hedeby, art director Therese Sennerholt, photographed by Erik Lefvander for Länna Mobler

A complete area with various limewash paints

While you can use an accent wall of limewash paint for a good textural result, painting your whole interior with this standard technique has an excellent result which can be seen in this stunning house. For each space a various color variation of limewash paint has actually been picked: a neutral grey to make the colors in the home pop out, a natural beige in the kitchen area to contrast with the black kitchen area cabinets, and a soft green in the bed room for a fresh yet natural appearance.

Styling by Grey Deco, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem

Grey limewash paint and white accents

In this stunning bed room, the brush strokes are truly obvious on the wall, which includes a great deal of contrast to the otherwise very little design. The dark grey color of the limewash paint makes the white linen bed linen, white wall lights, and white doors stand apart in such a lovely method.

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Janne Olander for Stadshem

A rustic result with half lime wash walls in an attic home

When you are dealing with sloped ceilings, there are 2 methods to paint your walls: stop the limewash paint where the ceiling begins, or utilize limewash paint on both the sloped ceiling and the walls (I have an example of that down listed below).

In this stunning attic house, the owners picked limewash paint in a light grey that isn’t too contrasting with the white paint on the ceiling for a subtle textured result that still looks light and roomy.

Styling by Bon Interior, photographed by Mariah Salander for Bjurfors

Blue limewash paint for a contrasting bed room result

While grey and beige are the most typical color options when choosing limewash paint, this blue color version looks so stunning also. Blue is an ideal color for a bed room anyways, and this dark blue version has a significant touch to it from which the lighter colors pop out. The closet in this bed room has actually been concealed behind blue velour drapes, which is a good touch.

by means of Entryway Makleri

Noticeable texture in the limewash paint brush strokes and a boho touch

The rattan headboard provides this bed room a boho touch, which pair so perfectly with the warm beige tone of the limewash paint walls. The mix of pink and peach fabrics on the bed draws out the warm undertones of the limewash paint in a beautiful method and I like the method the ceiling moldings stand apart versus the wall.

by means of Alvhem

Grey limewash paint in a little and relaxing home

Both the home and the bed room have a limewash paint accent wall, which truly sticks out among the other walls in the home that have actually been kept white. The art prints, beige couch, and white table stand apart so perfectly versus the texture of the wall, which has an extremely relaxing result in the area.

Styled by Bon Interior, photographed by Jens Eliasson for Bjurfors

A subtle grey lime paint with a matte surface and a light wood bed

Grey limewash paint can have a subtle commercial touch to it, as it looks a bit like a concrete surface sometimes depending upon the instructions and usage of the brush stripes to develop texture. The neutral grey limewash paint has actually been integrated with a light wood bed for a Scandinavian appearance with a commercial touch.

Styled by Pella Hedeby, photographed by Ragnar Ómarsson for IKEA Livet Hemma

A moody bed room with dark grey limewash paint

This most likely is the darkest tint of limewash paint on the list and it likewise has the most remarkable result on this attic bed room area. Keep in mind that the sloped walls likewise have paint on them, yet the ceiling has actually been kept white so the appearance does not end up being too heavy.

  • A dark grey limewash paint in an attic bedroom combined with dark grey linen bedding
  • A dark grey limewash paint in an attic bedroom combined with dark grey linen bedding

by means of Wrede

A lime paint accent in between brick walls

The little specific niche in between a brick arch in this stunning bed room has actually been treated with limewash paint, making it stand apart a lot more. The white shelving sticks out a lot versus this stunning textured background, using an ideal area for valuable deco products.

  • A beige limewashed wall as the background of DIY shelving in between two brick pillars
  • A beige limewashed wall as the background of DIY shelving in between two brick pillars

Styling by group Sarah Widman for Alvhem

Beige limewash paint for a warm appearance with soft tonal variations

The beige limewash paint, the light oak floor covering and the warm tones in the vintage night table, the art prints, and the warm fabrics on the bed heat up the scheme of this bed room in a lovely method. Since of the texture of the wall, not a great deal of information are required in this area.

  • Beige limewashed walls in a bedroom with warm textiles and a vintage bedside table
  • Beige limewashed walls in a bedroom with warm textiles and a vintage bedside table

Styled by Linnéa H. Manaberi for Kvarteret Makleri

Lime paint on the walls and ceiling

This roomy living kitchen area has high sloped ceilings, which are dealt with totally with beige limewash paint for a monotone textured appearance that makes black furnishings pieces and the white kitchen area stand apart in such a beautiful method. Instead of stopping at the sloped wall, like in the example I pointed out previously, the result is a lot more remarkable when you paint the whole area.

Styled by Copparstad, photographed by Boukari for Historiska Hem

How to use limewash paints

Do I require a guide?

Limewash paint can be utilized in the exterior and interior of a house and can be used on wood, masonry surface areas, formerly painted surface areas, and plastered walls. Whether you would require a guide depends upon whether you are painting on permeable surface areas or non-porous surface areas.

If you are painting limewash paint on drywall or formerly painted surface areas you will require a skim coat of mineral-based or acrylic-based guide that develops a microporous surface area. Keep in mind that the quantity of limewash paint you require will likewise depend upon the surface area porosity.

How to use limewash paint

Limewash paint need to be used utilizing numerous coats producing the preferred surface with a huge brush. You can utilize the ‘up and down’ technique for a more plain outcome, or the ‘x-strokes’ technique for a cloudy result and a mottled look. More details about that here

There truly is no best or incorrect method to use limewash paint and you can deal with numerous thin coats (with a minimum of 2 coats, as one coat truly reveals all the streaks) to get the preferred result. Use the very first coat and after that see if you wish to make modifications to the texture in the next coat.

Where to get Limewash paint

Kalklitir has a lovely collection of environment-friendly limewash paints with a nuanced texture and I like checking out the examples of interior areas with limewashed walls on their Instagram.

Bauwerk colour most likely has the most significant color brochure for limewashed walls in any color or shade. They have excellent examples on their site also to get some color motivation.

For those of you based in United States, Portola paints may be a fantastic regional choice, you can take a look at their site here

Can you DIY limewash paint?

While I have not attempted this myself, it is possible to make your own limewash paint. You would require to make a lime putty from water combined with hydrated lime which can be acquired in the hardware shop. You then utilize natural pigments to get the preferred color.

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